Man Rescues Distressed Dog, And Dog Thanks Him With All His Heart

The man pulled the pup out of the water and crossed the dangerous waters with him. As he reached the other side, he handed the dog to his partner.

The dog jumped up and down with pure joy as he was finally on safe grounds.

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  1. He is a good Samaritan to a dog – I would have done the same thing myself. Poor puppy, don’t think he knew what to do but then again he may have been so scared he couldn’t.

  2. Luckily that pup had one of us around. Us meaning well meaning people who jump right in to save a dog. In my case it was in a brackish river where blacktip sharks swim in the Summer which I don’t know how – to swim that is. I’m simply trying to establish that I love dogs & have gone to exteme measures to save dogs. All before I say, ” PLEASE don’t BUY a DOG (or any animal) from a store! RESCUE A DOG (pet dog, cat, horse, rabbit) FROM A SHELTER & BE A LIFESAVER!”

    • so true, I have 2 dogs and 2 cats and all of them rescued. The dogs I got from the animal shelter both females and adorable, the cats both were feral, one I got as a kitten and I bottle fed him and he is now 23 pounds and the other one I am still working with it and he still has a little bit of feral in him, he is still in a big cage and he does come out when I come into the room. Sometimes he lets me pet him and other times he tried to bite but not hard, he is coming around and has only been indoors for 8 months, I still have a bit to go with him and my other animals DO NOT LIKE HIM. He is in a big spare bedroom and once I clear out the room I will let him out of the cage so he can wonder and look out the window. Right now the giant cage is by a window which he loves to look out. I always tell people PLEASE SAVE A LIFE AND ADOPT…..

    • Shut down all puppy mills. There is absolutely no reason for people to make a few bucks putting a bitch through years of breeding and whelping. And so many perfectly wonderful mixed breed dogs are put down or worse. Why can’t we have laws to protect animals? I just don’t get it.

  3. ” PLEASE don’t BUY a DOG (or any animal) from a store! RESCUE A DOG (pet dog, cat, horse, rabbit) FROM A SHELTER & BE A LIFESAVER!”

    • Many people like to get a dog with a known history of health and also some prefer a specific breed. Ethical breeders – not back-yard breeders who just breed because they have a dog…spend monies on making sure they only breed healthy dogs that have no bad hips, deafness, blindness and other genetic problems and raise their pups in the house with love and lots of socialization. Perhaps there would be less rescues if like in other countries people did not have all those shelters and rescues to dump their dogs at. Rescue dogs have become a business and it is sad to see. Good breeders even take their dogs back if no longer wanted

      • Not sure which side of the issue you’re on. The abandoned dogs came first – not the shelters where people can “dump their dogs”. On another point: It is common knowledge that (in general) mixed breed dogs are healthier and have less genetic issues than pure bred. Look at the American collie. It’s brain is shrinking because the pointed nose – in the extreme – is preferred. As for breeders who only breed dogs w/o faults, that is just the roll of the dice and cannot be predicted by genetic markers where the breed itself is a carrier of certain faults. And what do they do with the imperfect pups when they are born? All in all, it’s not an occupation that is needed in this society where cruelty is rampant – especially among poor people in rural areas. Same thing with horse breeders. But that is a rant for another day.

      • Breeding IS a business – they just want to make money. Period. Maybe if there were no breeder, like in other countries, there wouldn’t be so many dogs in need of rescue. Seriously, think your argument through first. You have a fantasy of what an “ethical” breeder is. These ppl view animals as property; as income and have no sense of the greater need of these living breathing creatures. If they were “ethical” they wouldn’t be force-producing more animals when we can’t even take care of the ones already here. They would fighting to find homes for the animals in the shelters!! They view animals as a paycheck nothing more. They keep them “healthy”, while removing them from their mothers unethically soon, so they get more $$! They are not champions of animals.

  4. to the men who rescued this dog,..i have asked God to bless you both because you have hearts of gold and an obvious love for animals. Thank you so much for being real and loving. bless you and your families always.

  5. This is so awesome this story this man rescuring this dog. I am so upset with people breeding their dogs to make money like $ 400.00 what is wrong with them? Not just the people breeding them but the people buying them. And with people starving and can not afford to feed their families and all the homeless animals on the street without shelter and food. To all those who care I thank you and bless you.

  6. Did the sweet puppy have a home to go to or was it a stray? I hope the heroes who rescued him found him a loving, forever home.

    • Maybe they just set them free? Sometimes the shelters kill the dogs within weeks. At times, I feel a little happy if the dog can have a long life making it on his own. They might live longer being in freedom. I don’t know. I’m torn about this.

  7. It makes me feel really good to see someone helping this poor, young dog. All I can say to the man is “Thanks for being so caring “

  8. This man must be an animal lover like a lot of us me included, I most certainly would have done the same thing Thankyou who ever you are your a kind man

  9. Thanks for saving this dogs life fantastic. All our dogs have been rescue dogs which is the best place as ones home always get checked first.

  10. just a wonderful story! this precious pup did what most of us should do when someone rescue’s us or help’s us show that person. this husky was so happy to be saved by brave men who saved this dog in distress!! I SAY THANK YOU TO ALL INVOLVED IN RECUING THIS PUP!!!!

  11. This is so heart-warming, but I wish they could have rescued him without “scruffing” him. That can be very painful for an adult dog or cat. Oh well, at least the dog is safe. They’re good people.

  12. If you hit an animal, go back and make sure it’s dead. My mom taught us this. Never let an animal suffer. Recently a friend dropped off a coyote road-kill, saying he’d be back later to skin it. After he left I grabbed a leg-no rigor.?? Checked her chest, found a heartbeat and still breathing. I ran to my neighbor who came over and quickly dispatched her with his service revolver. I later found out she had been laying in the center of the road for at least 4 hour. The poor girl!! Make sure your roadkill is DEAD. I am glad we were able to help her out of her misery.

  13. And did they adopt the dog, or at least find its home?? I hope so!! They were wonderful to havevrescued it but if it was just left to fend for itself again it may very well have drowned after all…..😥

  14. What happens to the animals that are not sold? Don’t they deserve a chance at life, too? And thank you two men for rescuing that beautiful pup!

  15. God Bless you I know you had to have had great Parents to have raise you both right, the loving and caring way to treat people and animals… Thanks you so much…….

  16. all animals fell love and devotion all we need to is give it back . if I had the money I would have a place for them all . their is no bad animal only bad people , I think we were put here to take care of those that need us . god I ;love all animals.

  17. Without animals there is no future for humans . This includes all life. we are learning through technology that the best of humans relate to animals, The worst of humans the animals are the ones relating. We have evrything regards compassion to learn from animals. Stop the cruelty. Trades with animals.Torture Testing pscho violence on animals for pleasure , baiting etc. fur trades skin trades. Save the animals,try to eat free range free lived and properly slaughtered meat where possible. Take the trade out of mass cruel meat production. Eat less meat. Be selective when you eat it. I am vegan for all reasons. But I know its not for all. This is the greatest power we have . our own choices.home a rescue animal if you can.Everything you do is very impotrant. I know I love each of you who do this. Because you show love x

  18. I also want to day THANK YOU for saving this dog. You are a very amazing, wonderful person for doing this. Hug to you for what you did