Dog Who Spent A Decade In The Basement Now Enjoys Life To Fullest


This world is filled with people who simply take up the oxygen, truly horrible individuals that make the rest of existence seem a bit bleaker for the rest of us.

One such strain of vermin are animal abusers. Anyone who can inflict pain, suffering and cruelty on another living creature deserves whatever the judicial system throws against them.

Meet Jada, a poor puppy that become the punching bag and victim of such a group of jackals. For over nine years, poor Jada had been left to rot and succumb to sickness and famine in the basement of a house.

Jada was stuck inside a crate, her world no bigger than a box. It was no place for any living creature.

The nurses found that her different maladies were but the tip of a very fatal iceberg. Jada was diagnosed terminal cancer. Go to the next page to see how the story ends


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  1. This made me cry I wish I could save every dog that or being abused in any way if I had one wish this is what I would wish Thank god for every person that saves these dogs god bless

  2. There are no words to describe how sad this kind of makes me! And angry at people like Jada’s tormentors. I wish Jada didn’t have a terminal illness but it’s wonderful that she can enjoy her final days.

  3. This poor girl had such a miserable life and it breaks my heart to see the suffering she endured. I can only hope that criminal charges and punishment have been given to these abusive sub humans for the horrible life Jada suffered! God bless you

  4. Anyone that abuses another being will get to experience every second of the pain & suffering that they have caused and their pain will go on and on until they learn why it is wrong to abuse another being. It may seem like they get away with their crimes, but they don’t. When they pass on to the next life (die) that’s when they get to experience exactly what it was like to be on the receiving end of the treatment that they handed out.