Abused Dog Gets Pampered With Luxurious Bath!

Rudy was in horrendous condition; his body was covered in deep holes ( thought to possibly be caused by acid or cigarettes), starved and emaciated, caked with dirt, feces and urine. Rudy’s head was sunken in, his hair was all dead at the root and fell out at his first bath…Rudy cringed when we would go to pet him.

This poor soul clearly lived a life of horrible abuse and neglect. Rudy has been recovering in foster care and we found out he was suffering from untreated Cushings disease, a tear in his bladder, aa broken front leg and damage to his tendons. Rudy is one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet and he is so grateful to have been rescued.

He put up the fight of a lifetime and survived the ordeal. In just a week, he recovered from his injuries and was ready for a foster family. He is currently in the hands of a very kind and loving foster couple, along with their two kids, several cats and dogs, and their pet lamb too!

When you go to the next page and see this poor dog finally get the peace and comfort he deserves you can’t help but smile! We were brought to tears.

“Rudy absolutely loves his tubby time and clearly the attention that comes along with it. He loves getting spoiled and pampered,” said Courtney Bellew, director of the Northeast chapter of SNARR.
Watch Rudy Get the Treatment He Deserves!

“Rudy’s eyes are filled with love and hope and he has a way of grabbing your heart instantly when he looks at you. He has always appreciated being doted on and still does today, as you saw with his spa treatments,” says Bellew. “I’m just so glad we are able to show him a good life.”

Rudy will be up for adoption really soon. However, he will still need surgery on his front leg and the procedure does not guarantee that he will be able to walk like a regular dog. He may need a wheelchair and a lifetime of treatment for his chronic conditions which can be quite costly.

No one knows for certain what Rudy’s future is going to be like but a bath full of amazing herbs is a first step towards a great tomorrow.

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