These Animals Are Scared, But Watch What This Dog Does To Them! WOW!!!

Charlie is a big guy. For a dog, even his breed, the fella’ is huge. He’s the bearer of an imposing figure. A figure that might even frighten some.

Still, despite the stereotype he endorses with his frame, Charlie’s a softy. A catahoula mix, Charlie suffered from a 35 pound strain on his body. He was abandoned by a Denver family with a massive overweight problem at a local shelter. A problem that was causing him respiratory difficulties.

Charlie was given a strict diet and a lean workout regimen. Within months he was once again in tip-top shape.

By now, Charlie had wormed his way into his instructors/temporary caregivers life. He became a permanent member of their family, a decision that would ultimately pay handsomely for a community of distraught puppies.

You see, Charlie, not only due to his size but mostly his heart, had a God given gift he had yet to discover. Charlie was a natural comfort dog. He offers stability, warmth, love and endless companionship to displaced dogs that arrive at the shelter.

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