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Meet Sydney, The Psychotherapy Dog!

Here’s a touching story about a therapy dog so sensitive, she knew exactly what to do when she encountered an elderly woman in unusual distress. Sydney was an Australian Shepherd nearing the end of a long and rewarding life. Her favorite job was visiting the elderly people at their “forever home” after lunch.  They always […]

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Dog Flu Outbreak Spreading

What You Need to Know About the H3N2 Canine Flu DOG FLU ALERT! A highly dangerous and contagious strain of dog flu that first appeared in Chicago in April has now reached into other parts of the country. That month, over 1,000 dogs in the Chicago area contracted the illness, and eight ultimately died from it. It […]

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This Dog Figured Out The Perfect Way To Winning A Race. The Result? Hilarious!

They say its not how you start, but how you finish. That could never be more true than in this case with an cute little pooch who has the ultimate win of her life! Actually, her so-called ‘win’ is up for debate. In this hilarious video you are about to watch, you have a dog […]

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Dad Is Waiting For His Newborns. But When The Door Opens All Puppy Lovers Heart Will Melt!

A hilarious surprise and ensuing chaos awaits. As a dog lover, this is one of the best commercials I’ve ever seen. Definitely not something I would expect from an electric company! Here you have a dad waiting expectantly outside the operating room in a hospital. However, it turns out that the father is NOT who you think he […]

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Photographer’s Moving Tribute to His Longtime Companion

His name was Denali. He gave all his devotion and all of his strength to his beloved Human, through some of life’s toughest challenges. Then the cancer hit him, too. Denali was a German Shepherd mix and the lifelong companion of Portland, Oregon photographer Ben Moon. Once 21-year old Ben adopted the equally young Denali, they went on to lead […]

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$100 Amazon Gift Card

The Winner of our $100 Amazon Gift Card Contest!

Last month we launched a fun contest for all you dog lovers who can’t help pampering your pets. One lucky winner’s name was drawn for a $100 Amazon Gift card, giving them the chance to shower even more treats on their lucky dog. Before we reveal the winner’s name, I wanted to share some of the adorable photos that many of […]

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This Baby Has A Devilishly Handsome And Fun Best Friend. Guess Who It Is?

Did you know this interesting little fact about Pit Bulls? In contrast to modern popular beliefs about the breed, Pit Bulls once were known as “Nanny Dogs.” In fact, during the last century, they were used in many homes as nannies. Their duties included keeping the children occupied while the parents worked out in the fields. A 2 year old Pit Bull named Rocky demonstrates […]

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What This Teacup Poodle Does By Herself Every Day Will Bring You to Tears

This amazing little poodle named Nala is like a furry angel to the residents of the nursing home where her owner works. Sweet by nature, she just wants to help in any way she can. One day when her owner brought her to work with him for the first time, she headed off on her […]

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Yes Czr Wants Cookie! No Go Outside!

Yes Czr Wants Cookie! No Go Outside!

You’ve no doubt heard of Czr, the amazingly emphatic American Bully dog. You can tell just by looking at this handsome beast that he loves his food. This time we have TWO Awesome Czr Videos! So make sure to check out the second video on the next page. In this first video, Czr is given a series […]

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What This Owner Did For Her Brokenhearted Dog Will Surely Make You Smile!

I can honestly say that this is the best version of Romeo and Juliet story you will ever encounter. One day, there was a dog who resides across the street from a cat. For almost a year, the dog would always stare at the window just to see the cute cat. The dog knew it was […]

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