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fat dog

Dog Obesity – Life Threatening Conditions Hidden Under the Fat.

  Did you know that last year an estimated 53% of all dogs in the United States were life threatening obese? We have all heard the dangers of being overweight for ourselves, so why do we continuously lead our pets down the same road? Over the past few years, experts claim that people who are […]

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Canine Pregnancy – What To Expect From Your Expecting Dog.

  Canine pregnancy is a joyful occasion for pet owners but it can also be a stressful one. Although taking care of a pregnant dog may sound simple, pet owners soon find pregnant dogs need a lot of attention.  As with people, when expecting a new baby a person entire life changes. Pet owner need […]

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Canine Adoption Facilities – Shocking Truths & What You Need To Know.

Adopting a dog from an animal shelter is one of the most noble and heartwarming actions you will ever do in your life. However, there are some facts you should know before adopting from any old animal shelter. Did you know there are over 13,000 independently run animal shelters nationwide? And all of these shelters […]

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coconut oil for dogs

Coconut Oil – Miracle Cure to Dog Health!

Does your dog suffer from skin or hair loss, allergies, malnutrition, poor digestion or immune related illnesses? Do you find yourself paying hundreds of dollars with constant visits to the veterinary clinic? Or perhaps you are looking for a more homeopathic way to treat your dog. Well then, it’s about time you experience the miracle […]

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Dog Food

Ingredient Splitting – Dog Food Company Shocking Secret Revealed!

 We’ve all heard it: “always check your dog food labels for wholesome ingredients,” but what happens when your dog food label uses word play to fool our better judgment? As Ray Comfort once said; Rhetoric, which is the use of language to inform or persuade, is very important in shaping public opinion. We are very […]

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10-7-2014 6-04-30 PM

Rottweiler Dog Saves Chihuahua Friend From Coyote Attack – This Is Unbelievable!

Boy, do we have a great dog video for you today! We have an adorable puppy dog named Trixxie who is a Chiweenie dog. A Rottweiler dog who is one of the best dog breeds saves the day! My heart was in my throat watching this unfold. I thought the worse at first, then I […]

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10-7-2014 5-16-31 PM

The Majority Considers Her A Monster, But You Will Be In Tears When You see this!

I have said so many times that I am sick and tired of all the negative talk out there towards Pit Bulls. For every negative thing I hear, I can present to you at least 10 or more incredible stories of love, compassion, loyalty and more. This dog was alone in the desert with no […]

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10-2-2014 4-47-50 PM

Courageous Pit Bull Dog Saves Woman in a Fight! Amazing!

When you think of the dog breed Pit Bull, what first comes to mind? Vicious? Scary? Violent? Well, not us! We have been longtime Pit Bull dog lovers and we have nothing but great things to say about this great dog breed. This time we have a courageous Pit Bull dog who comes to a woman’s […]

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