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Senior Dog Was About To Be Euthanized, But Vet Took Him To Adoption Day Instead!

Life has been rough for Emu. For one, he’s old. And it doesn’t help that his family would rather have him put down than spend time taking care of him. It’s really sad how a dog could give his world to a person who could not be bothered to reciprocate the love. If his former […]

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Sad Dog Left Tied To A Telephone Pole As Water Rises During Hurricane Harvey

Dogs are family. They should be treated like family. Dogs should be allowed to roam free in the event of catastrophe. Unfortunately, this dog was left tied to a telephone pole and left to the elements during Hurricane Harvey. A photo taken by the Daily Mail shows the ill-fated dog left tied to the pole […]

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Lonely Dog Took In Four Homeless Kittens After The Passing Of His Cat Best Friend

Cats and dogs are stereotypes as mortal enemies, but many wonderful relationships have formed between the two species to prove the contrary. It doesn’t happen every time but it happens. Flora, a husky, was inconsolable when her cat best friend passed away from old age. Flora became close with 20-year-old cat Dexter after he was […]

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You Have To See What Happens When This Doggie Day Care Employee Opens The Door!

Doggie Daycare Employee Shares The Joys Of Working With Dogs

The lives of blue collar workers is difficult at best: get up early every day, spend all day outside your home, go home tired. And worst of all, leave your family and pets for long hours at a time. Everybody knows that moment of bliss when you return home. Your family–better half, kids or pets […]

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Man Kicks Terrified Dog Until He Bled In Front Of Appalled Shoppers

A scene of abuse horrified passersby in broad daylight outside a Tesco in Toxeth, Liverpool. The man kicked his defenseless dog until he bled. The dog, a Jack Russell terrier, was aggressively yanked by the leash and kicked on the back and sides. The kicks packed so much anger and force, the small dog flew […]

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Injured Dog Abandoned In Cramped Phone Booth Could Not Even Lie Down

Dogs are family. I can’t imagine giving up my dog, let alone abandoning him in a skimpy phone booth after getting hurt. But that is what Barry, a Saluki, had to go through in the hands of his former owners. London-based animal rescuer Emma Semple got a call one Friday night about an abandoned dog. […]

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Scalded And Abused, Colombian Dog Now Lives In The Home Of His Dreams In New York

Manny, a four-year-old stray dog, was discovered by a passionate dog rescue worker on the mean streets of South America. His face and frame seemed like it could have been taken from an old Phantom of The Opera film. This dog went through some horrible experiences. He was scalded with hot oil, slashed and sliced with […]

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Dog Runs From New Owner Every Day, Then He Decided To Follow Him

Dogs are among the most loyal and loving companion one could ever ask for. They are so amazing I’m not sure what we did to deserve them. A man named Mehmet Ilhan has been paralyzed for years due to old age. At 77 years old, he decided to adopt  little pup to be his companion […]

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Woman Takes Home Dying Dog To Make Her Last Days The Best Of Days!

One look at Grandma Dot and you will immediately notice that life hasn’t been kind to her. Before she was rescued, she lived all her life outdoors. She was picked up by  LifeLine Animal Project shelter. But after months at the shelter, they found out she only have a couple of months left in her.  She […]

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Get Your Sanity Back: 6 Tricks To Stop Your Dog From Excessive Barking!

Has that adorable old lady been giving you the stink eye? Does the Homeowner’s Association treat you like a social pariah? Are your neighbors about to murder you in your sleep? If you can’t control your dog’s barking, then that may very well be the reason. If the common response when you present your chihuahua […]

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