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Dog Presumed Dead After 200-feet Plunge Survives, Shows Up During Her Memorial service

Dog Presumed Dead After 200-feet Plunge. What Happened At Her Funeral Service Shocked Her Family!

Michelle Simmons and family just witnessed one of the most horrible things that can happen to a dog owner– watch your beloved pooch plunge off a very high cliff. Gracie the Labradoodle spiraled down a 200-feet ledge by the Punchbowl Falls along the Columbia River Gorge while playing with another dog. Her owners thought she was […]

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Sleeping With Your Dog: Helping Or Hurting?

There are a lot of dog owners who sleep with their pets. A survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association reveals that nearly half of dogs sleep in their owner’s beds. Whether this is good or bad depends on a host of factors which we’re going to break down below. Does your dog actually […]

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5 Most Prevalent Myths About Animal Shelters That Has To Stop!

Before you hit up a pet shop for a new dog, you might want to consider going to the local animal shelter instead. Dogs from animal shelters bear all sorts of negative stereotypes but they’re actually just happy and healthy dogs in desperate need of a loving home. And don’t forget that by adopting a […]

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strong rottie

Meet Arguably The World’s Strongest Rottweiler!

This very strong Rottweiler gives a whole other meaning to playing fetch. Instead of picking up a thin, 1-foot stick, he chose a freaking log–a log so massive you could use it as a pillar of a house. And not only that, he is carrying it around like a boss. I’m not saying he’s not having […]

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Dog goofs around WITH DEER. Very unlikely friendship!

Dog goofs around WITH DEER. Very unlikely friendship!

It’s not just cats that dogs are capable of getting along with. Apparently, they can also enjoy the company of deer. This video shows a very happy and energetic Rottweiler running alongside a deer up and down a fence. It appears that the Rottweiler is very eager to be friends with the deer and I think […]

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The Way This Dog Eats From A Bowl Will Make You Laugh Your Socks Off!

For some reason, I found myself laughing super hard over this video. And I bet watching this dog pig out of a bowl will also complete your day. Actually, your effing month! It’s super hilarious, truly a golden find. So this Rottweiler is pretending to be a human, or at least manned by a human as […]

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Check out what this lab does to cool down after playtime! Silly or VERY SMART

This Labrador Has A Silly Way Of Cooling Down After Playtime! Silly Or Smart?

Stella the lab gives a whole other meaning to the word drag race. She would run around and play in the yard but every now and then, she would peculiarly drop her hind legs to rub her tummy against the grass. According to her owner, rubbing her belly against wet greens is Stella’s way of […]

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Massive Saint Bernard Overpowers owner in a VERY CUTE WAY! Must-watch!

Man Adorably Crushed By Needy 200-Pound Lap Dog! Must-watch!

I remember my lover once told me that when we get a dog, it would be a Saint Bernard. He loves how adorable and big and fluffy they are. However I, on the other hand, argued that they are not big– they are MASSIVE, super drooly and they can overpower you quite easily–which is cute. […]

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Check out how this pooch reacts to a scene in Lion King!  Proof that DOGS ARE COMPLEX CREATURES TOO!

Check out how this pooch reacts to a scene in Lion King! Proof that DOGS ARE COMPLEX CREATURES, too!

Dogs are just like humans. They feel happiness, sadness, boredom, empathy and so much more–this video is a proof of that. Are you effing kidding me? Is he crying? The video captures a Pug whimper as he watches the part in Lion King where Mufasa falls from the edge of a cliff, gets run over […]

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Dog and human engages in hilarious con! Guys, you really have to watch this!

Dog And Human Engages In Hilarious Conversation About Food! You REALLY Have To Watch This.

This video cracked me up super bad and I think it will get you rolling on the floor too. An adorable dog has a conversation about maple-flavored bacon with his human. By conversation, we mean very accurate dubbing of the dog’s mouth movements to make it sound as if he’s actually getting the ultimate food tease! In the […]

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