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Tiny West Highland Terrier somehow impregnates Rottweiler. Gives birth to a breed called “Wotties”

This is one of those matings that will make you go “no way!!” But it happened, as difficult to believe as it may seem. A small West Highland Terrier may be small but what he doesn’t have in size he makes up in confidence and libido. Owner Teresa Patterson was shocked to find out that […]

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Silly Pit Bull and Rottweiler frolics in the snow

Silly Pit Bull and Rottweiler Frolic In the Snow

This is seriously adorable. Two dogs, a Pittie and a Rottie, are happily frolicking in the snow. Since the snow is quite deep, they are hopping around like a pair of reindeer as they raise their forelegs together, and then their hind legs together. Even if it’s freezing, you can tell that they are really […]

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6 Dog Breeds With The Strongest Bite Force. You Don’t Mess With These Dogs And Their Families!

There are many factors that come into play when talking about dogs’ bite force. Bite force is defined as the amount of pressure in a dog’s bite. The higher the bite force, the more critical the damage. America’s top three most feared dog breeds also have the worst bites. Among the many factors that should be […]

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snow rottie

Rottweiler Experiences Snow For The First Time & His Happiness Is Through The Roof!

When a snowstorm happened in Wisconsin in 2008, not everyone was bummed out about it. One dog found out that snow can make the best playground. Oz the Rottweiler was one of the happy souls that appreciate the very deep snow that could have easily buried her. This also marks the first time that she […]

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Oz River

Dog who survived cancer enjoys swimming in the river

This is yet another video of Oz. I’ve seen many videos of her. She’s smart, adorable and apparently, a very strong swimmer too. As she goes on a day out with her owner, they played a game of fetch.Owner threw the stick into the water and Oz was more than happy to get it! After […]

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Bored Dog Lights Up When Mommy Says A Magic Word. Hysterical!

Believe it or not, dogs are actually quite capable of comprehending human language.When you talk to them, they won’t respond to you unless the recognize a word the interested them. In this video, a very adorable Rottweiled named Romeo was told by his mommy many things but he isn’t interested in the compliments and questions […]

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Rottweiler Passed Out On Dad’s Lap Makes The Cutest Noises!

This is super adorable! Don’t you find it heartwarming when your dog, especially the big ones, crawl in your lap during nap time? It’s nice how they want to be around us all the time. They enjoy our company just as much as we enjoy theirs. I know a snoring dog can be loud and […]

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Puppies plays with squeaky toy

Puppies plays with squeaky toy

There’s really nothing more to this video than adorable Rottweiler puppies playing with a squeaky toy. They are so adorable and beautiful to watch. Don’t you just want to take them home and spoil them rotten? Not the best idea but don’t you just want to? When I see an adult Rottweiler, it can be […]

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Rottweiler puppies sport tutus! CUTE!

Rottweiler puppies sport a tutu! CUTE!

OMG, this is just so adorable! These Rottweiler puppies are 8 weeks and here they are sporting a tutu. From the looks of it, they have no idea how to wear it properly. In fact, all they care about is how to rip the attire off with their tiny puppy teeth just for the fun […]

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Cuddling a Rottweiler puppy is the best feeling in the world!

Here’s To Remind You Why Cuddling A Puppy Is The Best Feeling In The World!

So adorable! I am not sure who is luckier–the Rottweiler puppy cuddled by the woman, or the woman cuddling the Rottweiler puppy. For a full one minute, the video is nothing but up close shots of the Rottweiler feeling the pleasures of human touch. As a dog lover, I feel jealousy to a certain degree […]

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