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Kissing Bug: The Silent Killer You Must Know About!

People generally fear heart disease, various types of cancer, tumors and in the string of similar diseases. However, another type of disease is widely spreading from Bolivia and Spain into the Americas like a rapid wildfire. Chagas is a deadly disease which is attained by way of an insect bite. The official name of the […]

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stinky cat litter

Stop Your Dog From Eating Cat Poo! Here’s A Healthy Dog Treat Recipe That Is Just As Disgusting!

The genius that is celebri-chef Alton Brown sets out to create the nastiest dog treat, so nasty it resembles the smell and taste of cat poop. Now why on earth would he make such a treat? It’s no secret dogs are passionate about cat poop. They love it so much they would actually eat it! […]

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Make Your Old Dog Toys Like New Again With These Simple Tricks!

You know the routine – you buy your dog a new toy and he goes bananas over it for a couple weeks. Then before you know it, they lose complete interest in that once exciting purchase. With all of the dog toys out there nowadays, it’s hard to keep up. It’s easy to feel tempted […]

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Starving Dog Rescued By Stranger Gets Second Chance At Life

If you needed a feel good story for your day – you found it. It’s always heartbreaking to hear stories of dog abuse and abandonment. But every now and again, you hear stories about Good Samaritans who display amazing acts of kindness and change a dog’s life forever. That’s exactly what happened for a very lucky […]

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Breaking: New Ingredient Added To Dog’s Favorite Treat Is As Deadly As Chocolate!

No one knows our dogs better than us dog owners. We know their favorite toys, favorite sweet spots and their favorite foods and treats too. Speaking about doggie snacks, some people give their dogs commercial dog treats, some Rawhide bones so they have some fun while enjoying their treat, while other love to give home […]

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Canine Flu Spreading To More States. Here’s What You Need to Know.

H3N2, also known as the canine flu, is a respiratory virus that made headlines in the recent weeks after it infected over a thousand dogs in the Chicago. Now it appears that the virus has spread other states with confirmed cases in Alabama, California, Texas, Massachusetts, New York, Wisconsin, Michigan, New Jersey, Iowa and Indiana, […]

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Dogs Saved From Euthanasia Are Paying It Forward

We’ve heard many amazing stories how humans saved the lives of dogs and they are amazing. What many of us don’t realize is that saving a dog’s life is a two way street. They could put their new lease on life to good use even if they were once rejected, sick, badly behaved or whatever […]

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People Foods That Can Harm Your Dog

Sure, junk food is bad for everybody, dogs and humans alike. But even some foods that are nutritious, good and healthy for humans can be harmful to dogs. Thinking about tossing a piece of grape to your dog? Forget it. You’d be surprised by how much food out there can severely impair and even be deadly for your […]

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Frito Feet: The Reason Why Your Dog’s Feet Smells Delicious

Admit it, one of your secret obsessions is sniffing your dog’s delicious smelling feet. Does it smell like corn chips? Or nuts? Perhaps old pop corn? If so, your dog may have “frito feet” and the reason behind this condition is not exactly delicious. Frito feet is not always bad. It’s a common problem among […]

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Dog successfully sniffs out thyroid cancer

First, it was prostate cancer. And now one dog successfully sniffs out thyroid cancer too. A research team from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences reveals that a German Shepherd mix named Frankie was able to detect thyroid cancer via urine sample with 88 percent accuracy. The canine successfully detected 30 out of 34 people […]

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