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Dog Abandoned By Family Walks 20 Miles To Her Old Home — Not Once, But Twice

A dog named Cathleen’s family decided that they could no longer keep her; so, they sent her to live with a new owner approximately 20 miles away from her old home in Prague, Oklahoma. Cathleen wasn’t quite sure where she was, so she decided to try and find her way back! The 6-year-old dog had […]

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Pregnant Dog On Meat Farm Waiting To Have Babies Until She Knew She Was Safe

Athena is an absolutely gorgeous Jindo mix who is just 1-year-old. Sadly, the only life she had known for the short year was on a dog meat farm in Namyangju, Korea. What’s even worse — she was pregnant. Given that it is the winter months, if she were to give birth inside the meat farm, […]

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Serbian Man Gives Up Everything For Dog Shelter — Now Has Over 300 Dogs With No Electricity Or Water

A man named Dejan Gacic is someone that all dog lover should hail as a hero. However, his kind heart has gotten so big, that he is having trouble taking care of the hundreds of dogs that he rescued from the streets. Dejan has been running the Vucjak dog shelter in Serbia for around twenty […]

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Driver Kicks Sleeping Dog Out Of His Parking Space—But Karma Gets Him!

This story is out to remind us that we should be kind to others. We should not to lose a temper when something very small is amiss. It’s also important to remember that dogs are smart creature with sharp fangs and they respond better to kindness. Don’t mess with a dog if you can help […]

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lucky 1

Sad Dog Left Tied To A Telephone Pole As Water Rises During Hurricane Harvey

Dogs are family. They should be treated like family. Dogs should be allowed to roam free in the event of catastrophe. Unfortunately, this dog was left tied to a telephone pole and left to the elements during Hurricane Harvey. A photo taken by the Daily Mail shows the ill-fated dog left tied to the pole […]

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Abused Pit Bull Gets Pampered With Luxurious Bath!

Rudy the dog may be enjoying a lavender-infused bath in a sink while being hand fed with yummy treats, but before you conclude he’s ridiculously spoiled, read his whole story. He deserves every minute of it after all that he’s been through. The luxurious bath is not merely for show because the dog needs it […]

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Woman Arrested, Jailed For Protecting Her Dog. But Check Out What Judge Does When She Sees Footage.

In West Virginia, a dog was almost fatally shot, when the flea ridden fiend approached a well-intentioned heroic cop. The animal’s owner, Tiffanie Hupp, stepped in front of her pet and barricaded the officer’s point blank marksmanship. During the ensuing debate, the officer, one Seth Cook, claimed he was only following protocol. West Virginia mandates […]

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Can Dogs Truly Understand Human Emotions? What This Study Uncovered Will Floor You!

Although they fail to grasp the nuances of human speech, animals, for anyone that has spent the tiniest amount of time with them, are quite skilled in picking up human behavioral changes. They can easily understand the slightest deviations and transformations in our emotional baseline. A new study, done in unison between a team of […]

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Illinois Pets Owners Can’t Leave Pets Under Harsh Conditions, Law Says

Edwin Martinez was arrested January 1st, after leaving his dog outside overnight in his Winthrop Harbor home, in what police found to be an improper shed with no food or water. Even though, Martinez thought he wasn’t doing anything wrong, he was charged with animal cruelty as a misdemeanor. But a second time would be […]

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Dogs Can Distinguish Human EMOTIONS Too, Study Reveals

A team of psychologists and experts in animal behaviour from the University of Lincoln, UK, and the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil found that dogs perceive humans emotions thru association of images and sounds. This behavior has never been seen outside human boundaries; limited to homo erectus scope of interaction. Now this study proves otherwise; […]

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