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App Matches People With Their Dream Date Who Are Dogs! You Need To See This.

Communal entrepreneurship has taken a decidedly furry step into a whole new marketplace. In a world guided by the likes of AirBNB, Uber, Couchsurfing, Upwork and hundreds of other internet-based, outside-the-box business models, it is no wonder that this was about to happen. Thankfully, it is gifting many puppies a different outlook on life.Meet Bark’N’Borrow, […]

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The Humane Society Of The United States Warns Against Abusive Mega-Shop

Animal activists are warning the public this coming holiday season. The reason? Well, faulty presents. It’s an age old tradition to gift out pets come December. A cute puppy under the tree and stray cat by the chimney. Animals, pets as general, are highly sought presents during Christmas time. They, like the proverbial pony, are […]

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brutus the rock

The Rock Johnson Has A Terrible News To Share To You

WWE superstar and actor ‘Dwayne ’The Rock’’’Johnson and his wife Lauren Hashian took to Twitter to announce the unfortunate passing of one of their beloved pup Brutus. Poor Brutus accidentally ingested a very toxic mushroom which that led to his death. Brutus was frolicking outside the house with his fellow French Bulldog brother Hobbs when […]

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Woman Flies Back To Vacation Spot To Rescue Dog That Saved Her Life

This is one of those incredible stories of people that go above and beyond to help save the life of another creature. In this case, it was a courageous stray dog that was about to be saved – but not before he saved the life of the rescuer. Imagine being on vacation with your significant other […]

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Make Your Old Dog Toys Like New Again With These Simple Tricks!

You know the routine – you buy your dog a new toy and he goes bananas over it for a couple weeks. Then before you know it, they lose complete interest in that once exciting purchase. With all of the dog toys out there nowadays, it’s hard to keep up. It’s easy to feel tempted […]

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Starving Dog Rescued By Stranger Gets Second Chance At Life

If you needed a feel good story for your day – you found it. It’s always heartbreaking to hear stories of dog abuse and abandonment. But every now and again, you hear stories about Good Samaritans who display amazing acts of kindness and change a dog’s life forever. That’s exactly what happened for a very lucky […]

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Bull Dog Pup

Top 5 Cutest Puppies Of All Time

  It’s arguable that puppies might be the cutest things on the entire planet. What’s not to love? Their soft fur, their adorable faces, that amazing puppy smell that they have – the list goes on! It’s extremely hard to narrow the cutest puppies down to the top 5 but we’ve done our best to […]

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Hotel happy dog

They Take Dog Pampering To A Whole New Level!

With more than 16 million people traveling with dogs these days, competition among hotels to lure you in is fierce and very pet-friendly! In Cabo San Lucas, at the Las Ventanas al Paraiso, your dog can relax in a portable cabana to keep you company by the pool or on the beach while your furry […]

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12 Ugliest Dogs In The World Will Make You Fall In Love

The competition for World’s Ugliest Dogs has transpired in Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds in Petaluma, California. While the competition may sound ridiculous, even demeaning at first, it exists to teach each and every one of us a very important lesson; it’s that dogs come in many shapes and forms, and while not each one of them will […]

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Breaking: New Ingredient Added To Dog’s Favorite Treat Is As Deadly As Chocolate!

No one knows our dogs better than us dog owners. We know their favorite toys, favorite sweet spots and their favorite foods and treats too. Speaking about doggie snacks, some people give their dogs commercial dog treats, some Rawhide bones so they have some fun while enjoying their treat, while other love to give home […]

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