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Family Lying on Grass ca. 2002

Proposed Quebec Law Says Dogs Are Not Property!

A prospect law in Quebec is putting hefty punishment to animal abusers, stating that dogs are ‘’sentient being’’ and ‘’not property.’’ Many of us treat our dogs like family members while at the same time thinking that we own them, like one would own a furniture or a car, though we don’t quite treat them the […]

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Dog Is Desperate For Belly Rubs. What He Did About It — Unreal!

This smart Beagle named Skippy can’t go on for the rest of the day without the loving belly rub from his human. Desperate times call for desperate measure. So the adorable Beagle decided to embark on an epic adventure: follow his owner to work. Skippy’s owner works as an English teacher at Hingham High School. “He […]

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Landlord breaks stereotypes; Non-pet owners not allowed!

Landlord Breaks Stereotype, Accepts Pet Owners Only

Most landlords won’t accept tenants with pets. This one does the exact opposite. Finding a new apartment is a long and tedious process. The negotiation, the paperwork, the existing problems with the unit such as broken wiring and mold —the list goes on. Add a pet or two to that and you’re 50 percent less likely […]

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Canine Flu Spreading To More States. Here’s What You Need to Know.

H3N2, also known as the canine flu, is a respiratory virus that made headlines in the recent weeks after it infected over a thousand dogs in the Chicago. Now it appears that the virus has spread other states with confirmed cases in Alabama, California, Texas, Massachusetts, New York, Wisconsin, Michigan, New Jersey, Iowa and Indiana, […]

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6-22-2015 10-00-48 PM

Man Stays With Injured Dog Under Pouring Rain For 2 Hours To Save Her Life

This restores my faith to mankind. A dog was hit by a car in the middle of a highway that broke her hind legs. To add insult to the injury, the car driver didn’t even bother to stop to help the poor thing out. Luckily for her, a Good Samaritan in the person of Anthony Braughton was […]

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Atlanta-based organization flew 36 Golden Retrievers from Turkey to the US

Adopt a Golden, a rescue organization specifically for Golden Retrievers, didn’t hesitate to help a Turkey-based shelter when they asked for help due to overcrowding. Golden Retrievers used to be a status symbol in Turkey. However, the breed went unpopular in the recent years which led to the dumping of said breed in the streets […]

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Dogs Saved From Euthanasia Are Paying It Forward

We’ve heard many amazing stories how humans saved the lives of dogs and they are amazing. What many of us don’t realize is that saving a dog’s life is a two way street. They could put their new lease on life to good use even if they were once rejected, sick, badly behaved or whatever […]

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K-9 Refuses to Leave Partner’s Body After Brutal Road Accident

Pennsylvania highway officer Lt. Eric Eslary was traveling with a K-9 unit in a patrol SUV 50 miles east of Pittsburgh when they collided with a van that was traveling the wrong way. Eslary had been with the Ligonier Township Police Department for 17 years, mostly doing night shifts with his K-9 partner Blek, a German Shepherd […]

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Stylish dogs of Instagram now giving fashion tips for huge menswear brand

While a lot of people are turning to decades past for fashion inspiration this year’s spring, a menswear brand seeks to give inspiration in a unconventional way. The menswear counterpart of Net-A-Porter taps the most stylish dogs on Instagram and made them model some of their clothes not only to showcase their collection but also to […]

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72-Year-Old Man Couldn’t Afford To Take His Dogs Home. What He Did Next Made Me Cry.

A man in the Philippines chose to walk hundreds of miles than to leave his ten dogs behind. Famously called “Journey Max” by people on the internet, the poor man does not have enough money to take public transport with his dogs so he decided to go back home by foot. Journey Max ventured into […]

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