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Aflatoxin – Newly Found Contaminant In Dog Food With Plant-Derived Proteins

Most dog owners are aware that plant protein products are not healthy for their dogs from a nutrition level, but researchers are finding these plant proteins can be deadly. Aflatoxins are extremely carcinogenic. This newly found contaminant can poison the liver or caused tumors to develop in the body. An Aflatoxin is a fungus, which […]

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Organic, Grain Free Dog Food & Treats – Support Your Dogs Health While Helping Dogs in Need

Are you tired of feeding your dog processed ingredients? Are you looking for a more holistic diet for your dog? Do you want to help the homeless dogs in your community? If you answered yes to any of these questions, shop at DOG for DOG organic dog Food Company. DOG for DOG is an organic, […]

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A Nose like None Other – First Dog Ever to Detect Synthetic Marijuana

Dakota, a one and a half year old Springer Spaniel in Douglas County Georgia, is the first dog ever able to detect synthetic marijuana. Dakota was donated to the Douglas County sheriff’s department by Lance Dyer whose daughter recently passed away after smoking synthetic marijuana. Lance believes that with the help of Dakota, the selling […]

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10 of the World’s Rarest Crazy Cool Dog Breeds

Walking down the street I’m sure you see the same breed of dog at every door step. Labrador Retrievers, German shepherd, Dalmatians are the most common dog breeds in the world, but what about the not so common dog breeds? Do you want to see the world’s most rare and crazy dog breeds; well you […]

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Recycle To End Canine hunger? – Turn Plastic Bottles Into Dinner For Strays!

A company in Istanbul has developed a new line of vending machines that turns your recycled bottles into dog food for the local strays. Istanbul is home to over 150,000 stray dogs and instead of removing the many dogs, decided to turn these dogs’ lives around. EarthPorm report that in 2012, a city draft proposal […]

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Police Dog

Dog Cruelty: The FBI’s Fight against Animal Cruelty

Animal Cruelty has prevailed in every region and social society of the country. Reports of animal cruelty cases are minimal as law enforcement has classified animal cruelty as minor offence. According to GEVHA, the media has reported over 1,880 cases of animal cruelty cases in 2007 alone. Over 60% of these cases involved dogs and […]

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Bloat Gastric Dilatation Volvulus GVD 1

Dog Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (Bloat) – A Deadly Condition You Should Be Aware of

Have you viewed the 2008 film Marley & Me? If so, you have experienced just a hint of what gastric dilatation volvulus can do to a young dog and how it affects dog owners. Bloat causing GDV, is extremely common with about 30% of the dog population diagnosed yearly. GDV is classified as a deadly […]

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Dog Grooming – Keep Your Dog Healthy & Handsome!

Did you know failure to groom your dog regularly can lead to a large variety of health problems? Hair loss, maggot infestations, skin lesions, hot spots, mange, skin infections, conjunctivitis (eye irritation), ear infections, ear mites and even constipation are all health conditions caused by failure to groom. Dog owners are shocked when their veterinarian […]

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Flea Allergy Dermatitis

Allergies Caused by Fleas? – What Dog Owners Need to Know

Did you know fleas not only irritate your dog with bites but can actually cause an allergic reaction? An allergic reaction caused by fleas is known as Flea Allergy Dermatitis. Flea Allergy Dermatitis is a condition in which the dog’s immunity reacts to the saliva left by a flea during a blood meal. Dogs which […]

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Dog Moms – Are You the Cause of Your Dogs Bad Behavior?

Do you treat your dog like your very own child? Does your dog get daily treats, take over your bed or steal your time? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions you may be a dog mom. The term dog mom refers to dog owners which make an emotional attachment similar to that […]

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