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Baby And Dog Born on The Same Day Become BFFs. Their Pictures Are The Cutest!

Not too long after professional photographer Ivette Ivens gave birth to her son Dilan, she also adopted Farley, a French Bulldog. What makes the two new additions to the family special is that not only are they different species, they were also born on the same day: May 26, 2014! As soon as Ivens saw […]

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‘’Aggressive’’ Dog Chained Up For A Decade! But He Befriends A Stranger Who Changed to His Life Forever.

Man Noticed Dog Chained To A Wall 24/7, Then He Found Out How Long He’s Been Like This

This is the harrowing story of Rusty, a senior dog who had been chained up for over a decade in a backyard. But thanks to the kindness of a stranger who decided to stop by and give him attention, he will finally get the chance to enjoy what little time he has left in this world. […]

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He Saw A White Lump On The Road. His Heart Sank When He Realized It’s A Dog!

David Loop was on his way to work when he spotted a little white lump on the road. When he stopped to check it, he realized it was a dead dog. He captured the whole incident with the dashboard camera on his car. His heart was in his throat. But if the dog really was […]

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10+ Celebrities Who Make Being A “Crazy Dog Lady’’ Cool

We normal folks have a lot in common with celebrities than we’d like to think. They are just into regular people stuff as we are –such as making late night runs to a fast food joint, wearing sweatpants with no make up on, running lame errands and even adoring dogs. Yes, there are celebrities who […]

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Silly Labrador Steals A Kayak And Is Out To Sea Without A Paddle!

Seeing everyone having so much out paddling and playing in the water, this Labrador Retriever decided to get it a try on his own! However, with the required opposable thumb and a paddle, it didn’t go so well! Rosy the Lab, was playing with Michael and Sean Osborne, the sons of her owner, on the shore […]

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Driver Kicks Sleeping Dog Out Of His Parking Space—But Karma Gets Him!

This story is out to remind us that we should be kind to others. We should not to lose a temper when something very small is amiss. It’s also important to remember that dogs are smart creature with sharp fangs and they respond better to kindness. Don’t mess with a dog if you can help […]

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Rescuers Loaded 21 Dogs Into Their Boat And Had To Swim Through Flood Waters To Safety

During catastrophes such a storms and hurricanes, rescue efforts always prioritize people over pets and livestock. Many pet owners are left with no choice but to leave their pet behind. Independent dog rescue Betty Walter was stuck in the attic with 20 dogs in her care. Four of the dogs were her own, seven are […]

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Rescue Organizations Work Together To Save Hundreds Of Animals Displaced By Hurricane Harvey

Tragedies can bring out the best in people. There have been many tales of rescue organizations and even strangers working together to save hundreds of displaced animals in the aftermath of the devastating Hurricane Harvey. A crowded private plane landed in Oakland International Airport containing 69 cats and dogs that are ready for adoption. The […]

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Senior Dog Was About To Be Euthanized, But Vet Took Him To Adoption Day Instead!

Life has been rough for Emu. For one, he’s old. And it doesn’t help that his family would rather have him put down than spend time taking care of him. It’s really sad how a dog could give his world to a person who could not be bothered to reciprocate the love. If his former […]

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Sad Dog Left Tied To A Telephone Pole As Water Rises During Hurricane Harvey

Dogs are family. They should be treated like family. Dogs should be allowed to roam free in the event of catastrophe. Unfortunately, this dog was left tied to a telephone pole and left to the elements during Hurricane Harvey. A photo taken by the Daily Mail shows the ill-fated dog left tied to the pole […]

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