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Crazy Hot Men With Dogs Make Internet Hearts Explode

Do you like dogs? What about hot guys? How would you like the two of them together in a photo? If so, you may want to join the booming fans of “Hot Dudes With Dogs,” an Instagram account that features solely super bodilicious guys and their adorable four-legged companions. The Instagram account was created only five […]

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Elusive Stray Dog Suddenly Begs For Attention. A Surprise Comes After!

A Labrador Retriever-mix was abandoned to fend for himself in a park in Dallas, Texas. For years, the dog has eluded many efforts of rescue due to his distrust in people. But this time, the dog stuck his neck out and turned to the humans he has been desperately avoiding all these years in order […]

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Dog Who Endured Year Of Battery Opens His Heart For The First Time

A Schnauzer called Kingsley is in the hands of a loving family right now but not before he endured years of fear and pain in the hands of his previous owner. An Imgur user shared the heartbreaking story and photo of Kingsley. They first found him emaciated while tied to a tree. “He had been neglected, […]

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Drowning Girl Saved By Former Shelter Dog. What She Found Out Later Shocked Her.

We’ve said it before and we will say it again–save a dog’s life and he might as well save yours or your loves ones. That is particularly the case in this beautiful story of a dog named Norman and his adoptive family. Couple Annette and Steve are passionate about dogs. When they went to a […]

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Dog Refuses To Fight. What His Owners Did Next Will Leave You Heavy-Hearted.

This story will make your heart sink. When Tampa Bay police heard shots fired in Sulphur Springs, they responded to the scene and found a Pit Bull shot in the leg and neck while tied to a railroad track. The dog was still alive so police officers freed the poor Pittie and rushed her to […]

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Man Sentenced To 44 Years In Prison For Killing K-9 Officer

John Rush was sentenced to 44 years in prison for stabbing K9 officer Rocco and assaulting his handler and three other officers in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. All his penalties combined is worse than the punishment for child abuse. To ensure justice for every victim, Judge Rangos slapped Rush several charges including disarming a law enforcement officer and […]

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Disabled Service Dog Inspires People With Disability!

Who is a better therapist to people with disabilities than someone they can relate to? Everyone, meet Smiley. He is a Golden Retriever born without eyes but his disability did not stop him from being the sunshine of other people’s life, befitting his beautiful name. As a therapy dog for St. John’s Ambulance, he spends hours […]

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Dachshund Undergoes Amazing Transformation. See What He Looks Like Now!

Not too long ago, Dennis the Dachshund was making rounds on the internet for his obesity. For a weiner dog, he weighed a whopping 56lbs and could barely walk a few steps, and not without running out of breath. Poor Dennis had quite an irresponsible owner. He was fed with pizza and hamburgers which caused […]

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pampered dog

Abused Dog Gets Pampered With Luxurious Bath and Hand Fed Snacks

Rudy the dog may be enjoying a lavender-infused bath in a sink while being hand fed with yummy treats, but before you conclude he’s ridiculously spoiled, read his whole story.   He deserves every minute of it after all that he’s been through. The luxurious bath is not merely for show because the dog needs […]

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Is Samsung’s state-of-the-art kennel too much?

Samsung is creating another market for their high-end mobile devices. As a leader in innovation, the tech giant unveils a really sophisticated kennel that will make you want to ditch your house. Dubbed as the “Dream Doghouse” the state of the art kennel will be unveiled and enjoyed by a few really lucky mutts at the Crufts […]

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