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Is Samsung’s state-of-the-art kennel too much?

Samsung is creating another market for their high-end mobile devices. As a leader in innovation, the tech giant unveils a really sophisticated kennel that will make you want to ditch your house. Dubbed as the “Dream Doghouse” the state of the art kennel will be unveiled and enjoyed by a few really lucky mutts at the Crufts […]

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Heartbreaking Photos Reveal The Truth Behind Purebred Dogs. Must-See!!

Selective breeding has been around for thousands of years. It is responsible for preserving a wide array of breeds and even influence how they look like today. There are several breeds that have been around for centuries–but how they look then and now are different, very different –some of which it’s almost as if they […]

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8 puppies

Burglary investigation leads to rescue of 8 puppies

What was supposed to be a burglary investigation in New York turned out to be a rescue operation of eight adorable puppies inside a vacant building. When owners of a building in 1818 Ocean Parkway called the police for a potential break in, the NYPD’s 61st precinct looked at burglary as an angle. However, when […]

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Coyote Finds An Old Dog Toy. What Happened Next Is Nothing Short of Amazing.

Even when you’re an avid fan of hiking and often wanders in the great outdoors, spotting a fox along the way is pretty slim. These small, sly creatures are fearful of people and very hard to come across. But sometimes, small miracles happen and they come to you in the most unexpected way. Photographer Pamela […]

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This Chihuahua is out to remind us why we have to check our luggage before we leave

What are we checking our luggage for exactly? Well, your dog might be in there. Dogs could easily find your suitcase a very comfortable sleeping/hiding spot. It’s nicely cushioned with your clothes and they can put the lid on if they prefer to nap without lights. A very naughty Chihuahua made it to LaGuardia Airport […]

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K-9 saluted by police officers and other K-9 units on his final journey

K-9 officer Judge was saluted by police officers and other K-9 units as he goes inside Swedesboro Animal Hospital. The hero dog was taking his final journey with his favorite sleeve on his mouth. Judge was recruited as a K9 unit in 2007. During his time as a K9 officer, he was deployed in 208 operations […]

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Elderly Women Feeds 1,300 Dogs Every Day

Anatole France once said, “Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” The soul of these five elderly Chinese women are very much awakened.  China has been getting a bad rap over the years for their booming dog meat trade and the celebration of the annual Yulin festival. These ladies […]

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11 Dogs Who Look Awfully Like Their Parents

11 Dogs Who Look Awfully Like Their Parents

Puppies are cute. But they are cuter when you see them next to their biological parent and realize how much they resemble their progenitor. If these pups grow into adult dogs, it would be easy for one to assume that their parents are their siblings. After all, dogs stay devilishly handsome for most of their […]

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Homeless Man Stubbornly Refuses Shelter. You’ll Be Emotional When You Find Out Why.

Bernard Holland had been staying in a homeless camp in downtown Indianapolis. Even when the weather was harsh and temperature was dropping below zero, he still refused shelter because he couldn’t bring his dog Oreo with him and leaving her behind wasn’t an option. “Bernard told [the worker] that he could not go to the […]

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quebec dog

Humane Society Shuts Down Breeder. What They Saw Broke Their Hearts.

The Human Society Canada rescued 35 small and short-coated dogs from a breeder in Bas-Saint-Laurent for leaving them outside in freezing temperatures. The dogs were immediately taken to a Montreal veterinary office for evaluation and treatment. According to Humane Society Campaign manager Ewa Demianowicz, the dogs were not built for the cold and were obviously […]

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