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Pit Bull Wears Fabulous Clothes. What She’s Hiding Underneath–Heartbreaking.

A charming Pit bull named Diamond has been wearing beautiful garments, and for a good reason. Last summer, she came into Atlanta’s Fulton County Animal Services with home-cropped ears and acid poured on her skin/ She was most definitely abused by her former owner. Neely Conway, one of the volunteers at the shelter, took pity […]

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Pregnant Woman Assaulted In Her Own Home. A Hero Comes To Her Rescue!!

Pregnant Kasha Marie Weston and husband Aryan Salhi were attacked by burglars but managed to survive the ordeal through the help of their Rottweiler Rocky. If it were not for Rocky, the family could have been seriously hurt or robbed of their belongings. The couple was on the bed when they heard a loud banging […]

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This Dog Does The Unthinkable To Save Her Puppies From House Fire!

A dog in Chile was hailed a hero after she bravely went into a burning house to save her puppies. The dog, whose name is Amanda, did what any mother would and came through for her babies even at the expense of her own safety. According to witnesses, Amanda didn’t hesitate to run into the […]

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Little Girl Was Targeted By Kidnapper. Watch Who Springs Into Action To Save Her!

A Jack Russell Terrier mix is 100 percent a hero as he saved a little girl from getting snatched up while walking her sisters to school. She was treading on the side of the road in the intersection close to the school when a man in a van pulled over and tried grabbed her wrist […]

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Polite Dog

Dog abandoned in a train station with a suitcase full of his belongings finds forever home!

This Kai the Shar Pei. He was abandoned in a Scotland train station January. With him is a suitcase full of his belongings. From the way he was left behind, it appears that his owner cared for him deeply but couldn’t care for him anymore. After Kai’s story went viral, people from all over the […]

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7 Dogs Who Ran For Mayor And Won

I know dogs are smart–but I’m not sure if they’re smart enough to run for office. You will be surprised that there are people who think their dogs are smart enough to occupy the highest position in the town–and the townsfolk agrees with them. Nevertheless, who am I to judge the towns that believe dogs are […]

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Owner bids his dog a bittersweet goodbye

Owner Bids His Dog And Best Friend A Bittersweet Goodbye

Everyone who has had to put down a four-legged best friend before will feel the pain of Woody. This documentary follows his preparation before putting down his beloved dog Oden who had lost his long battle to cancer. Wood knew he had to put Oden down two months ago but he didn’t have the courage […]

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Everyone Is In Love With This Pit Bull Mix. When You See Him, You Will Be Too!

If you think mixing any breed mixed with a Poodle is as weird as it gets, you really have to meet Rami. He is a mix between a Pit bull and a Dachshund, and that combo doesn’t only sound weird, but also looks very effing adorable! He has the body of a Dachshund but the head, […]

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peruvian inca

Weird or Beautiful? 11 Dog Breeds With Very Unique Features!

Appearance-wise, dogs are usually either adorable or fierce-looking. But there’s a whole new side to this species that is wacky, hairless, too hairy and just ..peculiar. Their unique features do not make them any less desirable though. If anything, their oddness is what makes them incredibly charming. It’s important to take note that the unique […]

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11 Dogs Who Are Probably Confused About What They Are Wearing

As dog owners, one of our guilty pleasures is to dress up our beloved pet dogs in costumes even though 90 percent of them don’t really dig such past time. For us humans, playing dress up with dogs is not only fun but it’s also a total eye candy since dogs look absolutely cute in […]

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