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11 Dogs Who Are Probably Confused About What They Are Wearing

As dog owners, one of our guilty pleasures is to dress up our beloved pet dogs in costumes even though 90 percent of them don’t really dig such past time. For us humans, playing dress up with dogs is not only fun but it’s also a total eye candy since dogs look absolutely cute in […]

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Are You A Crazy Dog Person? Here Are 7 Signs.

If your friends are having children and you find yourself bragging 500 photos of your dog, you may very well be a crazy dog person. Here are the top 7 signs to determine whether or not you are crazy about your dogs. By the way, I am a proud crazy dog person myself! I love my […]

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10 Sneaky Dogs Who Made Photographs Extra Awesome!

As it turns out, it’s not just cats who are good at surreptitiously taking part in your photos, as we present to you these silly yet clever dogs who have also mastered the art of photobomb! For the unacquainted, photobomb is the act that seeks to ‘’spoil a photograph of (a person or thing) by […]

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Dogs And Their Owners: 22 Heart-Melting Then and Now Photos! No. 6 Was Our Favorite!

For dog lovers out there, I’m sure you will agree that time goes by way too fast when it comes to our pets. We only have to look at older photos of our dogs to realize that fact. Here are 15 incredible photos of dogs and their owners as they grow up. These photos are […]

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17 Dogs Who Snooze In Awkward Places and Positions!

Dogs are loyal, patient, loving and smart. However, they are very silly too like 90 percent of the time! I am not sure is it with dogs and wanting to sleep in what looks like super uncomfortable positions. Do they feel something that we don’t? Like seriously, why would anyone want to bury their face in […]

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Amusing photos of dogs about to SNEEZE

There’s something about these photos that is just downright hilarious. Maybe it’s the half-closed eyes, maybe it’s the expression or perhaps the slightly angry-looking face caught on camera with impeccable timing. There are many reasons why dogs sneeze. Some of them do in excitement when they see other people or dogs. They can also be […]

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For Kids: 12 Do’s and Dont’s When Around Dogs

Given their innocence and all, children have the tendency to come up to a dog and just expect the furball to be friendly. Although some dogs are good with children, there are also those who aren’t. And that is the reason why we find it important for parents to teach their kids these 12 do’s […]

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Dog Approves Of Her Owner’s Boyfriend!

If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friend! And DOG! Wait, what? We truly think that you also need to get the approval of your lover’s dog. It is important to get the approval of your girlfriend’s mother, father and siblings. But it’s just as important to get the approval of […]

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Guy Re-Enacts Iconic Movie Scenes With A Dog. The Result Is EPIC!

This guy must so freaking bored. LOL! When his boss suddenly started taking her dog to work, he decided to embark on a journey with the dog. Together, the guy and the dog have have been re-enacting movie scenes ever since. In their re-enactments, the guy and his boss’ dog have been Jack and Rose in […]

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cat and dog bffs

When Dog Passed Away, Check Out What His Cat BFF Has Been Doing

I finished half a box of tissue over this. This is one of the most beautiful friendships I have ever seen. Charlie the Dog died of cancer two weeks ago but his BFF Scout the Cat still longs for the warmth and company of his deceased best friend. The owner took pity on Scout so he […]

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