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maru 9

Maru Is The Happiest Husky On The Internet With An Infectious Smile!

If you need a reason to smile today, Maru the Husky can help you with that. Maru is one of the most followed dogs on Instagram for a very specific reason: he has an adorable, beautiful, genuine, infectious smile! Maru’s owners says he resembles a panda and a seal, among other things. Nevertheless, he’s among […]

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beach stray dog

Man Attempts To Kick Stray Dog At Beach, Instant Karma Ensues

As the popular adage goes, ‘’What goes around comes around.’’ Another version of said adage is ‘’You reap what you sow.’’ That is very much the case in this story of a young man who attempted to kick a stray dog at the beach. Not only is hurting a dog wrong, you also have to […]

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Vet With Service Dog Nails Job At Hardware Chain

The world is very happy for a Texas vet with service dog. How so? Because together, they nailed a job at a huge hardware chain! This is a victory for people with service dog everywhere! Texas Lowe’s employs veteran Clay Luthy, a former C-130 loadmaster in the U.S. Air Force. He gets around through the […]

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Missing Dog Found. Treated Like A Queen & Carried Back To Safety!

A missing dog had been wandering alone for three weeks at Australia’s Mt. Glorious National Park. Miraculously, she was still alive and kicking. Three hikers were making their way through the park when they heard splashing just up ahead, around the creek. Upon inspection, they saw a dog hanging on for dear life on a rock […]

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Thief Returns Mama Dog And Litter After Nationwide Social Media Appeal

A mama dog who recently gave birth to a litter of puppies were returned to farmer owner after they were stolen. Their owner credits the ”great British public” for their return. This peculiar story is proof that if you lose your dog, never give up. Create publicity, seek the power of social media! Dora the mama […]

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Camera Captures Senior Dog Cling To Kind Woman At High-Kill Shelter

This has got to be one of the most heartbreaking scenes I have ever witnessed. A family surrenders an 18-year-old dog at a high-kill shelter in the California. Meanwhile, the senior dog finds console in the loving embrace of a volunteer. Her days are numbered and she knows it. Due to fear and confusion, this poor soul […]

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