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They Gave Corgi A Ball, But They Did Not Expect Him To Shoot It

This is one of the most talented Corgis you’ll ever see! Perhaps even among Jordan, Rodman and, well, that’s about all the knowledge I’ve managed to amass concerning basketball. After all, I’m hidden within the bleachers. This small, tiny and whimsical Corgi is a globetrotter in the works with his mad dunkin’ skills. He maybe tiny, […]

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mama dog 8

They Rescued Mama Dog And Puppies From Steel Yard, Then Realized ”Mama” Was Actually ”Dad”

There is so much harm inflicted on defenseless animals every day. While more people do not harm animals directly, a huge fraction of which turns a blind eye to their suffering–which frankly is just as dangerous. Thankfully, there are people out there who put their best food forward to rescue and rehabilitate abused and neglected […]

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dog eyes

Take A Look At The World Through Dog Eyes

How do dogs see the world? There are have been a lot of myths about how dogs perceive colors; that it’s a lot different from what humans see. There’s truth in that, but a world through their eyes is not as dull and monochromatic as most people believe. It has less colors, yes, but it’s […]

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Gripping Story Shows The Sad Reality About Adopting A Dog

This is one of those videos that will rip your heart of your chest and crush it into pieces— because it’s just so true and many of us dog lovers feel powerless over it sometimes. But I believe that change comes from within and achieving great results through raising awareness is not impossible. In the […]

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maya 3 shelter

Family Drags Terrified Dog To Shelter –With A ROPE!

Treat other creatures the way you would like to be treated. It’s pretty basic, really. However, not everyone feels the same way. There’s nothing more heartbreaking than to watch a dog walk into a shelter. They will be left there, and majority of them will not survive. The least one can do is to let […]

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stray dog 3

Marine Risks Career To Bring Stray Dog In Afghanistan To The US

Carlo Grossi, a U.S. Marine, didn’t think much of the dog he saw at the military base when he first arrived in Afghanistan. After all, his first few days were spent fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan’s Sangin District. But when the fighting subsided, he finally had the time to look around the base. That’s when […]

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beach stray dog

Man Attempts To Kick Stray Dog At Beach, Instant Karma Ensues

As the popular adage goes, ‘’What goes around comes around.’’ Another version of said adage is ‘’You reap what you sow.’’ That is very much the case in this story of a young man who attempted to kick a stray dog at the beach. Not only is hurting a dog wrong, you also have to […]

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Abused Pit Bull Gets Pampered With Luxurious Bath!

Rudy the dog may be enjoying a lavender-infused bath in a sink while being hand fed with yummy treats, but before you conclude he’s ridiculously spoiled, read his whole story. He deserves every minute of it after all that he’s been through. The luxurious bath is not merely for show because the dog needs it […]

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silly dogs tan

Silly Dogs Line Up By The Pool To Get A Tan. Too Funny!

A bunch of silly dog line up by the pool to get their not-so-necessary tan! These dogs sure have swag and personality for days! The fun thing about dogs is that you can make them do just about anything for entertainment. Of course, hurting them is not an option. But as long as it’s fun […]

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dog lions

Courageous Dog Gets Cozy With Mighty Lions

Dogs are incredible creatures that can get along with just about anyone –dogs, people or other animals. This dog, for instance, gets cozy with lions. Dogs are simply so likable. Maybe it’s their appearance. Or their playfulness. Or their innate ability to accept everyone for who they are, mistakes and all. Maybe it’s all of […]

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