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Anchorman Goes On Air With Dog. What Happens Next Is PRICELESS!

I doubt you would still remember what the weather forecast was after you see what’s about to unfold in the video we’re about to show you. Lucky are those who watched this segment live! What a priceless moment. When weatherman Mike Sobel decided to go on air with 1-year-old part Mastiff dog Ripple to work, he […]

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rottie licks babe

Rottweiler Attacks Baby –WITH KISSES!!!

It’s about time people stop blaming dogs and start taking responsibility for the behavior of the pets they rear. Here is proof that Rottweilers can be great family pets as long as they are loved adequately and trained properly. In the video, the Rottweiler is laying on the couch next to a toddler when the […]

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7-12-2015 1-05-43 PM

Dog Isn’t Allowed On The Bed. What He Does When Owner Isn’t Home Will Shock You!

The adorable dog in the video is not allowed on his owner’s bed. To ensure that the dog doesn’t climb up while the owner is out, she installed a nanny cam to check out what the dog is up to when she’s not home. When she went out and only her dog and cat is left at […]

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Sad dog story - Copy

A Dog’s Farewell. Tears Will Flow!

This comic may not have the best drawing or the best color or the best looking characters, but it’s message will surely rip your heart out. If you’re a dog owner who once had to put down your dog, it’s hard not to cry over this strip and hope that your dog passed away feeling […]

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Harlem Shake: Puppy Edition

Best Harlem Shake Ever: Puppy Edition

The infamous Harlem Shake may be old, but puppies’ cuteness never go out of style. Check out this bunch of furry buddies doing their own version of the dance craze. It’s best version I have ever seen yet! There have been many versions of the Harlem Shake by different people of all ages and from […]

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Denver the guilty dog

Relive The Moment Of Denver The Guilty Dog

Someone helped himself to the kitty cat treats and he couldn’t be more obvious. As the owner investigates which of his two dogs opened and reveled into a pack of cat treats, adorable yellow Labrador Denver just can’t hide his guilt. The narrowing of the eyes, head tilted a little down, big toothy grin and downward tail […]

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puppy soaks his fluffy butt

You Have To See This Confused Puppy Who Turns His Water Bowl Into A Bath Tub!

What are you doing there little buddy? Water bowl is where you drink water from, not soak your fluffy butt! But that’s okay. You look absolutely adorable doing what you’re doing so who cares how you use your water bowl? The chubbiness, cuteness, fluffiness and innocent failure of this charming pup is 120 percent cute!! You stole […]

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dog passes out

Dog Passes Out From Too Much Happiness!

Casey the Schnauzer only sees her human sister Rebecca during the holidays because she was studying to be a communication major at Kent State University. The poor Schnauzer is lonely every time her best bud goes back to college. However, things took a turn for the worse when Rebecca decided to embark on a trip […]

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GSD jumps out of the water

Brave Dog Sees Something In The Water. What He Did Next Is Crazy!

Experts always advise people not to dissuade their pet dog’s natural playfulness and curiosity. However, dogs sometimes get a bit too curious and do silly things to satisfy their hankering to know. Take for instance this dog Maverick–he was incredibly baffled by the presence of a free swimmer in the water so he jumped out […]

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Stuffed dog freaks the hell out of real dogs!

Stuffed dog freaks the hell out of real dogs!

This Just For Laughs skit is so hilarious you’d want to watch it over and over. The pranking crew places a Border Collie puppet with a bone in the middle of a dog park and see if dogs will try to steal his treat. The Collie puppet is pretending to be a real dog who is […]

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