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Couple Writes A Letter To A 17-Year-Old Shelter Dog! Grab A Tissue!!

Love is a blinding emotion, it is cupid’s arrow. One minute you’re fine and dandy, while the next you’re a puddle of muck on the sidewalk barely able to hold on to a sentence. Sometimes, that very emotion is called: “love at first sight.” That moment when you’re mainframe and processor collide and you suddenly […]

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90-Year-Old Refuses Chemotherapy. What She Does Instead Will Evoke Tender Feelings!

Cancer is the devil’s curse. It is the most malignant of maladies. A full frontal betrayal on part of your body against itself. It is as your cells suddenly decided to switch sides and join the death’s band camp. Your system unexpectedly turning turncoat. Miss Norma, a 90 year old zesty broad, was recently diagnosed […]

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Veterinarian Locks Himself In With An Abused Pit Bull. When He Starts To Eat, Something Amazing Happens!

There is nothing worse for an animal lover and, above all, a veterinarian to feel a patient give up the fight. It is a horrible moment when the poor vet knows, that despite his best efforts, the dog’s will to live has been vacuumed clean from a tormented soul. Dr. Andy Mathis was minutes away from locking […]

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It Looks Like A Sleeping Bear– But Look Closely And You’ll Be Surprised!

Artists, taking their craft to the very edge of their faculties, may very well end up creating one of two things: a beautiful display that defies logic or a garish monster that defies good taste. Such is the crux of a truly gifted mind, there is but a small limit that separates genius from insanity. […]

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Cross-Eyed Dog Had Trouble Getting Adopted, Till Someone Fell In Love

Strabismus is a genetic disorder that affects all mammals. It’s basically an abnormality that is manifested in the individual as cross-eye. It affects very little of the orbital receptors… In other words, it does not impact on your vision. Dennis, the Collie, suffers from this ailment. He’s a lovable pooch with a goofy looking face; […]

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Growing Up With A Dog Is Beneficial To Mental Health, Research Suggests

A study done by the Centers For Disease Control has uncovered what every dog owner in the world already knows. Dogs are good. Hurray for science. Researchers at the CDC point out the obvious; having a dog as a kid can do wonders for your mental health. If your kid has been begging for a […]

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”Únadoptable” Dog Loves And Helps All Animals. This Is Her Incredible Story!

Sometimes, the universe compensates. Karma, destiny or whatever force guide the passage of time, every-so-often, lands on the proverbial jackpot. Princess the dog was considered by many to be unadoptable; a riff-raff, that would never find her place. She was a caring, lovable and compassionate pooch, that showed nothing but care to the outside world. […]

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Woman Writes An Ode To The Small Dog At The Park Who Attacked Her Bigger Dog

“Manners, maketh the man,” an apt choice of words and, quite possibly, sagely wisdom from up on high. No matter your station, field, rank or some other claptrap, these four literary units pack a great deal of punch in their brief statement. It is a signal, dare I say, a clarion call, by which we […]

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Myths About Black Cats And Dogs Debunked. Do You Believe Old Wives’ Tales?

Do you know the myths about black cats and dogs? The most popular myth in the United States warns that if a black cat crosses your path then you will have bad luck. But don’t worry…There is a means to counteract this, so called, bad luck. To reverse the bad luck of a black cat […]

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These Dogs Are Victims Of Ill-Fate And They Need Your Help

Small acts of kindness can go a long way. It nurtures the soul and makes the world a better place. These desperate dogs and dog owners badly need your help today in order to live a better life. Would you help them? In thye next page, you will see three separate stories featuring dogs who are fighting for their […]

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