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Dog Makes Harrowing 30-Mile Journey Just To Be Turned Back At The Gate. But Watch Her Happy Ending!

Senior Labrador retriever, a black beauty, travels like Odysseus through, through dangers, through in imaginable hardship just to get home. The pup, arrives back at her doorstep, only to be shunned off the mat and told to take a hike. Her name is Ma Kettle, and the story falls back to 2012. Ma, had been living […]

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Man Puts Dog Inside A Suitcase & Sneaks Him Into Hospital. The Reason Is So Sad.

Get ready to bawl your eyes out. This may be the saddest story you will read all week. Make sure to read till the end… it’s the saddest, most beautiful thing ever! I have teared up like this in a while. A Redditor shares a beautiful story to the world about how he once snuck […]

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Woman Flies Back To Vacation Spot To Rescue Dog That Saved Her Life

This is one of those incredible stories of people that go above and beyond to help save the life of another creature. In this case, it was a courageous stray dog that was about to be saved – but not before he saved the life of the rescuer. Imagine being on vacation with your significant other […]

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Starving Dog Rescued By Stranger Gets Second Chance At Life

If you needed a feel good story for your day – you found it. It’s always heartbreaking to hear stories of dog abuse and abandonment. But every now and again, you hear stories about Good Samaritans who display amazing acts of kindness and change a dog’s life forever. That’s exactly what happened for a very lucky […]

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Bull Dog Pup

Top 5 Cutest Puppies Of All Time

  It’s arguable that puppies might be the cutest things on the entire planet. What’s not to love? Their soft fur, their adorable faces, that amazing puppy smell that they have – the list goes on! It’s extremely hard to narrow the cutest puppies down to the top 5 but we’ve done our best to […]

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This Chocolate Lab Will Crack You Up When You See His Technique For Going Down Stairs!

Dogs might have a hard time figuring out how to gracefully go up or down the stairs at times. Thankfully, Chocolate Labs are very inventive and clever animals that can outwit even the toughest maneuvers. This adorable Chocolate Lab pup has figured out his very own personal technique when it comes to making his way […]

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Woman Pens The Funniest, Most Beautiful Love Letter To Her Deceased Dog! Read It And Cry Your Hearts Out.

British personality Sue Perkins writes a love letter to her deceased dog Pickle that teared up millions all over the globe, myself include. The letter is raw, powerful, cathartic and reflects the sentiments of all those who have loved a dog and were at one point, faced with the terrible decision of ending their best […]

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Meet Sydney, The Psychotherapy Dog!

Here’s a touching story about a therapy dog so sensitive, she knew exactly what to do when she encountered an elderly woman in unusual distress. Sydney was an Australian Shepherd nearing the end of a long and rewarding life. Her favorite job was visiting the elderly people at their “forever home” after lunch.  They always […]

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Disabled Dog Was About To Be Put Down. Who Came Along To Save Him Will Touch Your Heart.

‘’No one wanted him. He was broken. A burden.” That’s how most people who are looking to adopt the perfect canine companion into their home would see a disabled dog. But some people can see past physical appearance and disabilities, and see the amazing dog inside. Everyone, meet Chance. This guy doesn’t have functioning hind […]

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This Dog Was Neglected For Years, Until Neighbors Finally Did Something.

All we can say is that if you see abuse, don’t turn a blind eye. Sometimes, taking matters into your own hands is better than just idly watching a poor innocent creature suffer in the hands of abusive people. This is the heartbreaking story of a dog named Alfie. For years, Alfie was chained up […]

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