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What They Did To This Puppy Is UNBELIEVABLE – A Year Later? Miracle Happened!

This is an incredible display of compassion. This wonderful act of kindness and humanity came in time for the season when it’s all about love, forgiveness and compassion for others, A woman named Deanna Jarvis, popularly known as “puppy expert” at Noah’s Hope Animal Rescue, already encountered the worst cases over the years –or so she […]

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Dog Suddenly Started Following Owner Around. What He Discovered Later Saved His Life!

This story really amazed me. A restaurant owner named Steve Elkowitz started having chest pains but he just ignored it!He did not think much of it because he thought it will eventually go away. However, it seems like his loyal dog named Jake which they rescued a few years ago thinks otherwise. He started acting […]

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Are You A Crazy Dog Person? Here Are 7 Signs.

If your friends are having children and you find yourself bragging 500 photos of your dog, you may very well be a crazy dog person. Here are the top 7 signs to determine whether or not you are crazy about your dogs. By the way, I am a proud crazy dog person myself! I love my […]

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These People Are Rejected And Hated By The World But What Happens When They Get Home –Tearjerker.

Before you watch the video, make sure you have a box of tissue next to you. This is one of Mayhew Animal Rescue’s ads and it showcases the unconditional love that our four-legged pals bring into our lives. The video shows three different people living very tough lives as they experience hate, disrespect and rejection […]

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Dog Passes Away Before Help Comes. Rescuers Do Something Amazing That Will Melt Your Heart!

Hope for Paws was on their way to central Los Angeles to save Gaia the dog and her three puppies. However, two hours prior to their arrival, Gaia got hit by a car and died in the process. This story touched my heart as I lost my dog long time ago the same way. It was a heart-wrenching […]

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Shelter surprised by truckload of donations. Priceless!

Man Pranks Shelters –With The Best Surprise Ever!!!

Prank it FWD is pranking for a cause. This time, they showed up Kentucky Humane Society and told the staff they are dropping off “a few donations” which turned out to be a truck load of all-things dog!! The shelter staff were so happy and surprised they really didn’t know what to say! I thought […]

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Underwater Search Dogs – How These Two Virginia Task Force Dogs Help Solve The Case!

K9 Search Specialist Elizabeth Kreitler and Sally Dickinson are a part of the Virginia Task Force Urban Search Rescue Team. Kreitler and Dickinson are not your usual rescue agents as their partners are two underwater search dogs. Garo, a 10 year old German shepherd and Fielder, a 5 year old Border collie are in high […]

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They Thought These Strays Were Just Misbehaving. What The Found Out Later Melted Their Hearts!

What a wonderful story this is. Molly, an eight year old Beagle, and her brother Buster, a cattle dog/beagle mix, were found yesterday outside a small farm in Thurston County after they had been dumped there days before. The volunteers at Thurston County’s animal shelter soon found that these two dogs were not your common strays. […]

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A Nose like None Other – First Dog Ever to Detect Synthetic Marijuana

Dakota, a one and a half year old Springer Spaniel in Douglas County Georgia, is the first dog ever able to detect synthetic marijuana. Dakota was donated to the Douglas County sheriff’s department by Lance Dyer whose daughter recently passed away after smoking synthetic marijuana. Lance believes that with the help of Dakota, the selling […]

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Down For the Count, Maybe – But Not Gone!

When a tragic house fire happened in Detroit, the only thing on the frightened occupant’s mind was whether his dogs were still alive. Firefighters working on the blaze carried the two Pit Bull dogs out; neither of them was breathing. For several frightened moments, no one thought the dogs would survive.  But the rescuers wouldn’t give up, and then […]

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