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Dog Pokes Head Out Of The Gate With Toy In His Mouth, Then They Notice A Sign!

Dogs are social animals. They make friends wherever they go. Sometimes, they are too friendly they are downright unreliable to guard the house. But dogs are more than just companions. They are more than stewards of safety for your property. They also spread cheers and joy everywhere. Caterina Dellabona was going about her day when […]

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Woman Takes Home Dying Dog To Make Her Last Days The Best Of Days!

One look at Grandma Dot and you will immediately notice that life hasn’t been kind to her. Before she was rescued, she lived all her life outdoors. She was picked up by  LifeLine Animal Project shelter. But after months at the shelter, they found out she only have a couple of months left in her.  She […]

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Owner Spooked When Golden Retriever Watches Him Sleep At Night, Cries When He Finds Out Why

A Chinese man adopted a Golden Retriever from a shelter. His family fell in love with the dog because he’s smart and obedient. But the Golden Retriever had his issues. It’s not so much that he’s rambunctious and hyper. BUT he had one very creepy habit: he would watch his owner sleep at night. Anyone […]

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Jealous Great Dane Throws Big Tantrum Over New Puppy In Mom’s Arms

Dogs are basically two-year-old kids. They wear the heart on their sleeves and aren’t exactly keen on suppressing their feelings. When they are not amused, they will throw a tantrum to let you know! Take this Great Dane for instance. He may be a big boy on the outside, but he’s totally a little puppy […]

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Dog Spent Weeks In Veterinary ICU After Being Thrown Out Of Speeding Car

A dog ends up at veterinary ICU after being thrown out of a speeding car. He spent weeks at intensive care. The poor pup named Buddy received multiple injuries and was in critical condition. Who wouldn’t be after being dumped the way he was? Buddy’s rescuers weren’t sure whether or not he will make a […]

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