Clever Dog Refuses To Get Wet, Fetches Ball From Water Like Never Before!

Well, somebody give this dog an award because he seriously just blew my mind. Some dogs defy the norm and constantly prove that they are far more clever than others. For that matter, they are far smarter than some of their owners.

Rosie is one of those adorable four-legged-furry friends, that inherently and with little effort demonstrate this principle.

She has a profound love for her rubber ball. A love that runs so deep, that once it lands in the pool, it switches on a creative spark in the dog’s gray matter.

Going out of her way, to once more acquired her desired object, this lovable dog pushes the boundaries of rationality and discovers a rather creative method to fetch her toy.

I shrug away from giving the end, but I kid you not, the manner by which she accomplishes her task is extremely impressive and jaw dropping. Go to the next page to witness just how clever dogs can be. This dog has some serious smarts in him.

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