Couple Skips On Videographer For Wedding, Hires Dog Instead.The Result Is Overwhelming Impressive!

That is it, I’m once again astonished at the absolute travesty of having wasted a mountain of dough at Film School. Could my life get any more depressing? Can you imagine?

Traveling shot and landscape shots? Drones! Move over 8mm – I actually learned to develop – in goes a tiny chip with enough power to film War World 3 as a Reality Show. Slice, dice, paste editing? Hey, buddy, here’s a cellphone.

Well, the final straw that broke the camel’s back has just hit the net… I’ve been supplanted by a dog. Worst of it, he’s a kickass videographer!

Just strap a GoPro on the fellow’s back and marvel at the silver screen glory he’s capturing. That’s all it took for this couple to turn their dog in the every couple’s dream videographer.

Turn to the next page to see the awesome video the couple’s dog captured on his back. It’s truly awesome.

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