Cute Dog Has Silliest Reaction To Seeing Human Baby Sister For The First Time


Cute dog meets her human sister for the first time. Her reaction will melt your heart! It is a mixture of so many emotions.

Zayla the dog has just gotten the surprise of a lifetime. She’s a big lummox with a kind heart, a furry disposition and an adorable look at life.

In this absolutely adorable moment, Zayla’s life flipped on her; in her case for the good.

Her family dynamic has just transformed for the better. it because Zayla, this absolutely cute pooch, has just been presented with her new baby sister.

The cute dog simply can’t get enough of her adorable baby sister.

The twist? The cute dog’s new sister isn’t a puppy but a newborn human baby. Turn to the next page a cute dog react funny to upon seeing his newborn human sister.

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  1. NOT her “sister.” The dog is not their daughter. They are her owners. She is their pet. If the little girl is the dog’s sister, then the woman just gave birth to a dog.

  2. animals recognise babies and sheknows how newborn she is, so she is being very cautious, where as a lab would just lick her..

  3. This is so sweet. I would love to see a later video, as I’m sure this dog will soon become the baby’s fiercest protector. My daughter’s cats had a similar reaction to the new baby in the house. After about a year, they were all playing together and taking naps together. The cats learned to LOVE that baby. The cats don’t like to be picked up by adults, but the child (who is five now) can pick up the cats and tote them all over the house and the cats don’t resist at all.