Terrified Shelter Dog Finds Comfort Underneath His Dog Bed

Despair has set in, despite the ideal that “hope spring eternal,” sometimes the reality of the situation can be a crushing boulder of soul splitting weight.

Princess, a rescued Pit-bull, from the Sunshine State, is well aware of this troubling turn of fate. She’s been stuck, abandoned and forsaken, in an animal shelter for more nights than she would care for.

“She was such a happy pooch when she first arrived,” Nelly Mercado of Friends of Collier County Domestic Animal Service said. “Full of energy, exuberant, constantly playing… Now, regardless of our best intentions, Princess simply sulks and hides under the bed.”

Princess has been in the shelter for more than 6 months, she has fallen down on the realization that, perhaps, she will never find a permanent home. Long gone are the days of free abandonment and joyful frolicking.

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