Horribly Abused Dog Now In The Home Of His Dreams


Manny, a four-year-old stray dog, was discovered by a passionate dog rescue worker on the mean streets of that Latin American Nation.  His face and frame seemed like it could have been taken from an old Phantom of The Opera film.

Scalded with hot oil, slashed and sliced with a machete and finally abandoned the dog on the mean streets of Cartagena Colombia. I am so tired of hearing so many stories like this of dog abuse.

Especially when there are so many true dog lovers out there that are that would love to adopt a dog or even rescue a dog just like Manny. The horrible mistreatment of this poor dog should not go unpunished.

But dispite all this…. barely keeping his spirits in check, days, perhaps even hours from dying, Manny still hung in there and fought hard to survive like the strong dog he is.

This dog had a rough start in life but as you will see on the next page…he will be given a wonderful gift! Go to the next page to see the rest of this emotional story.