Dog Kisses Can Be Good For You! Here Are 8 Reasons Why!

8. Dog kisses boost your immune system – A dog’s mouth is not any cleaner than a human mouth. But they have different microbiomes in their mouth. Therefore, sharing kisses with your dog means a transfer of these microbiomes which fill the gap in your own immune system.

7. It brings your closer – When you kiss and cuddle your dog, your brain releases ‘’oxytocin,’’ the hormone responsible for love! It helps people build positive connection with others–man or animal.

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  1. thank you, glad they are good for us officially ! I have 4 smallish dogs and they all give me kisses. They really help me cheer up if a bit down. I knew I had made a friend in a rescue from Romania when I got kisses ! Was a wonderful feeling, bless him. Shall try some food additions too, slowly. Great articles. Thanks

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