Dog Pokes Head Out Of The Gate With Toy In His Mouth, Then They Notice A Sign!

“He looked at us, wagging his tail, then picked his toy up and poked his head through the fence,” Dellabona told The Dodo. “It was wide enough for his head to fit comfortably but not enough for his body to go through so it was safe.”

Caterina took the toy from the friendly dog’s mouth and threw it. Every time, the dog would come back to her with the toy in her mouth, begging her for another throw.

She stayed and played with her for a good 10 minutes. After that, she went on her merry way much to the dog’s disappointment.

It turns out that the dog loves to play fetch and always begs passersby to throw the toy for him. That’s why his owners put up the sign to help him out.

His owners also want the play to be safe so they ask those who would grace their friendly dog’s request to avoid the cacti. Left or right is the way to go! Flip to the next page.

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