Camera Captures Man Heartlessly Kicking And Punching Dog To Pulp

28-year-old Luis Junior Cruz-Padro, was caught red handed, when his personal video went viral on the net. The ghastly footage shows Luis, punching and beating his year and a half dog named Bugs.

Luis has been charged by York City police with animal cruelty and a battery of other charges. He has fled apprehension and is now at large.

Bugs, meanwhile, has been placed in foster care at the York County SPCA. He’s undergone surgery and is slowly recovering from his traumatic ordeal. He was interned with a broken rib, but luckily the vets’ managed to fix his maladies.

Bugs is now looking for a permanent home. A place where the troubles of the past will become distant memories.

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  1. Omg if I lived in new York I would take him home. God bless you people for loving that dog and helping him. Thank you sooooo much.