Elderly And Dog Goes Missing, Then Police Helicopter Captures This Incredible Moment On Cam!

Martin Kay, a local elderly man, had vanished. Poof, into thin air this senior citizen had evaporated. The local P.D, was called in and what started as a grid search of the area, rapidly evolved into something far more complex and technological.

Martin could not be found, there was no trace of the man and worst, it appeared as though he had stumbled into the adjacent neighborhood forest. Night was slowly ebbing in, and soon the temperatures would drop. The police department had a tiny window of success before Martin’s life expectancy would dramatically drop.

With the aid of drones and helicopters, the fuzz went to the sky and started canvassing the woods. They employed thermal imaging hardware, a technological tool, that allowed them to cover great expanses with minimal effort.

With the utmost profession and with methodical discipline, the lawman’s managed to track Martin down. The man had lost his path, stumbled and fallen deep into a muddy bog. The marsh trapping him and pulling him down. Slowly sinking him like quicksand.

The more Martin struggled or panicked, the deeper he’d sink into the trap. In these sorts of predicaments, what will ultimately save you is a clear head and a calm demeanor, something, that given the situation does not come easily. Go to the next page for more!

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