Family Took In A Litter Of Dying Puppies & Made The Internet Cry

Dying Puppy Comes Home

In the beginning, this family took in several dogs from an animal shelter in Ankara, Turkey. Dogs that were about to die; dogs that in the last moments of their lives were being trampled by their situation, including a precious dying puppy.

These are animals that were minutes from saying goodbye, a couple of darling creatures that were at the very end of their rope. But the moms and daughters, all from America, were volunteering at the local animal shelter.

Taking care of over 4000 thousand stray dogs and giving puppies for adoption. Providing for them such as giving them puppy food and other support so that they can be the best puppy they can be for whoever their new owner is.

This amazing family, who came to Turkey on account of one of their parent’s jobs, decided to give back and grant mercy to those animals less fortunate.

Animals that, due to there abundance, couldn’t be properly cared for. Turn to the next page to see the rest of the story!

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6 Responses to “Family Took In A Litter Of Dying Puppies & Made The Internet Cry”

  1. Thank you to this wonderful family for being able to even volunteer in a shelter like this. So heartbreaking for you to witness.

  2. What a remarkable family to go to a foreign country and help in such an unglamorous situation. The very best of American families abroad. Thank you.

  3. Carrie Ann Dunne Reply July 12, 2017 at 10:42 pm

    This is so heartbreaking; thank you so very much to this wonderful family for what they did. These children are the hope for our tomorrows.

  4. This just made me cry. What a beautiful and sad story. God bless this family for their love towards these unfortunate animals.

  5. Heroes in my book!!! God and Dog bless you!!! Amen

  6. this is so sad. how can these people sit back & let them die. it would kill me. thqnk u 2 the family that tried to save all of them. must have been heartbreaking to lose the others. thank GODu saved 1. i’ sure there r many more . god bless u & your family for being there. hope u can save many more. GOD bless people like u.

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