Get Your Sanity Back: 6 Tricks To Stop Your Dog From Excessive Barking!

Are your neighbors about to murder you in your sleep? Does the Homeowner’s Association look at you as if you’re a wanted terrorist? Has that adorable old lady been giving you the stink eye?

Well, if you’re not Ted Bundy, then, maybe, it’s your dog. If the common response when you present your chihuahua into society is: “that’s what’s making all that racket? I thought it was a bear!” Then look no further for the cause of your pariahism.

It’s time to teach your toy poodle to stop barking. The Air Force just called, each time he barks he disrupts airline communication; NATO is on high alert.

Let’s gloss over the many facts why Cujo needs to signal down the Martians. Let’s forgo the psychological whammy and go straight into the meat of the problem.

Go to the next page to see tips on how to stop your dog from barking unnecessarily. It’s about time he does!

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