Giant Dog Shows Grandma How Much He Loves Her, And It Will Melt Your Heart!

It doesn’t matter who you are or how old you get, a dog will love you no matter what! And here to prove that is this incredibly heartwarming video of a dog giving Grandma lots of tender loving care.

It’s so beautiful to watch! It’s like a scene from Little Red Riding Hood – but instead of a voracious wolf there’s a friendly, affectionate dog hovering over Grandma!

Snickle loves Grandma so much and he’s always happy when she comes over to visit. However, this time, Snickle and his owners decided to visit Grandma instead when they gathered one 4th of July.

As you can see, Snickle is a big boy for a Pit Bull, though he originally came to them in a very small package. Some Pit Bull breeders are beginning to select for super-sized dogs, so Snickle may have from one of those breeding lines.

Grandma was incredibly happy to see her beautiful four-legged Snickles! Continue reading their story and see the video on the next page.

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