Owner Spooked When Golden Retriever Watches Him Sleep At Night, Cries When He Finds Out Why


A Chinese man adopted a Golden Retriever from a shelter. His family fell in love with the dog because he’s smart and obedient.

But the Golden Retriever had his issues. It’s not so much that he’s rambunctious and hyper. BUT he had one very creepy habit: he would watch his owner sleep at night.

Anyone would be spooked to wake up to a dog looking right at you while you sleep. I would be inclined to think that there’s something wrong–terribly wrong.

Maybe the dog is sick. Or perhaps there are supernatural entities in the house. I can’t see it but maybe he can. It will definitely send a shiver down my spine.

Turn to the next page to see why the cute Golden Retriever loves to watch his owner sleep. As creepy as it may seem, there’s a perfectly logical and sad explanation to it.

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