Owner Spooked When Golden Retriever Watches Him Sleep At Night, Cries When He Finds Out Why


The following day, the dog owner took his dog to the vet to check if he had any health problems. He didn’t have anything.

Instead, the dog owner decided to go back to the shelter. He was hoping to uncover some information about the dog they brought home.

And as it turned out, the former owner snuck out the Golden Retriever in the middle of the night and brought him to the shelter. The dog woke up in an unfamiliar environment without his people by his side.

The wife former owner was pregnant. They determined that their baby cannot coexist with a dog. In their eyes, the dog had to go.

But now that the Golden Retriever found a new family who loves him, he watches them sleep every night without fail. He doesn’t wake up in some strange place without them by his side–never again.

H/T World Of Buzz

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