Jealous Great Dane Throws Big Tantrum Over New Puppy In Mom’s Arms

Dogs are basically two-year-old kids. They wear the heart on their sleeves and aren’t exactly keen on suppressing their feelings. When they are not amused, they will throw a tantrum to let you know!

Take this Great Dane for instance. He may be a big boy on the outside, but he’s totally a little puppy who wants to be a lap dog forever on the inside. He also wants to be mommy’s favorite really bad.

Therefore, when the family brought home a new pup, our Great Dane wasn’t too amused that mom held the little one for far too long. And the best part? He told mom to her face!

What happened next was a serious but awkward stare off between the behemoth Great Dane and mom! Meanwhile, mom assured the big dog that she doesn’t love him any less and that he was being melodramatic. You tell him, mom!

Turn to the next page to see how the Great Dane reacted to mom giving the new pup some loving. He’s not going to stand for it.

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