Camera Captures Senior Dog Cling To Kind Woman At High-Kill Shelter


This has got to be one of the most heartbreaking scenes I have ever witnessed. A family surrenders an 18-year-old dog at a high-kill shelter in the California. Meanwhile, the senior dog finds console in the loving embrace of a volunteer.

Her days are numbered and she knows it. Due to fear and confusion, this poor soul flung herself into the loving arms of a kind lady volunteer at Baldwin Park Shelter.

Photographer Johnny Huang captured the beautiful (but sad) moment with his lens. It really shows the predicament that plagues dogs dumped in high-kill shelters

Muneca, the dumped and ailing dog, found console in Elaine, a volunteer. She wasn’t particularly attractive to adopters.

To begin with, she’s old. Secondly, she’s blind. And then perhaps the nail to the coffin–she had lots of fleas.

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