Camera Captures Senior Dog Cling To Kind Woman At High-Kill Shelter


This dog deserves to live the rest of her short life without having to fight for it at a high-kill shelter. In fact, all dogs deserve better.

If it were up to us, no dog should ever be homeless.

Poor Muneca arrived at Baldwin Park Shelter on October 11. She was scared and confused with the new environment she was subjected to.

high-kill-shelter high-kill-shelter-3

To know more about Muneca, please contact Los Angeles County Animal Control, Baldwin Park at (626) 962-3577. Her animal ID number is A3254323.

No dog deserves to be struggle at such a ripe age. Hope she finds a loving home soon.


H/T Pet Rescue Report



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      • Yes Eileen
        i believe senior dogs cats or any animal of this age needs us more then ever ! 💟 More so then when they are younger if youknow what I mean bless you

    • Muneca, means doll in Spanish, AND she is a doll! We have a blind Boston and she does fine in our home environment but get absolutely terrified if we take her out.

    • I live in the UK and was wondering if getting her here was possible… I am So happy that little lady has found some love in her twilight time xx

    • Thank you so much for update she tire my heart out from Arkansas
      I hope she gets the peace comfort and love she so deserves and was pleading for
      Those eyes ….haunting✝️❤️🐾

    • Thank you so much for the update I was just looking to what the date was it posted and where she was. Thank you for the update, so many times we are left unknowing what happens to a animal we see the stories on.

  1. I will gladly adopt her. I live in North Carolina but will fly to LA and bring her back to a safe and loving environment.

  2. I have read this dog has been adopted if there is any problems with that situation I would love to have her live her days left with us. Please contact if needed thank you

  3. So happy for her my old doxie looks like her but never ever would I do that ever even though she has a odour I don’t care she is my old girl old as me !!!

  4. shame on the family for getting rid of her at this age when she has given her best years and they just dumo her. If you take on the responsibility of an animal you take care of them until they are so sick you have to put them down or they die normally then don’t get a pet

  5. Would adopt her in a heartbeat…however we’re out here in Oregon…..if for any reason a potential adoption fails, please contact me!!!!!!

  6. I would look after her in her final twilight years…but I live in Australia. What kind of people dump their pets/family?? I had to have my beautiful 16 year old dog put down in february…& I still cry about it. What is the matter with these people???

  7. so glad she was adopted by a loving person to live out her days.. her mongrel former owners should rot in hell hope you catch the worst deadly disease that is ever been formed and i hope if you have children that they drop you off at the nearest home when you outlive your usefulness!!!! BASTARDS!!!!!!!

  8. Those people should rot in hell that turned this precious dog into the shelter. They couldn’t wait a little bit longer and love her and make her comfortable!!! Shame on them. Really glad she’s found love now. Some people amaze me about their lack of conscience or they are inconvenienced!!!!!

  9. I’m so glad that she was adopted she is suck and needed them. I agree with the rest of u on how wrong the ppl where for doing that when she needed them. And most likely they got another pet