Injured Puppy Walks Up To Them. Upon Closer Look, They Noticed She Was Shot Dozens Of Times


Amal Andari, a volunteer at Animals Lebanon, was driving down a village road in Beirut with a friend when they noticed an injured puppy. Her friend asked for them to slow down so they can give the puppy water.

Upon closer inspection, they noticed that the dog had a hole on her head. She was visibly injured and exhausted.

Although reluctant at first, she approached with a wagging tail.

“We saw a hole in her head,” Andari said. “We stopped and walked down to her. She was a little bit fearful, but we called her, and she came, and was wagging her tail. She approached us, but slowly, and we gave her some water.”

The duo spoke to a local man while the puppy was drinking. They asked what happened to him, and the man said he didn’t know but he chalked it up to a fight with another dog.

Andari was convinced a dog fight would cause such a head wound. Nevertheless, the injured puppy needed immediate medical attention. They took her with them and brought her to the vet.

“She has an appetite for life,” Andari said. “She wanted to live — I believe that.”

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