Injured Puppy Walks Up To Them. Upon Closer Look, They Noticed She Was Shot Dozens Of Times


The x-ray showed that the puppy’s body was riddled in pellets–dozens of them. They also noticed that a pellet got one of her eyes, rending that eye blind. She was clearly shot by a group of, perhaps teenagers.

“There were so many pellets,” Andari said. “We think that a bunch of teenagers had ‘fun’ shooting her.”

The vet also diagnosed her with a bad case of parvo virus. It is deadly to dogs if left untreated. Many dogs in Lebanon suffer such cruel fate, and it’s common for them to be poisoned too.

Removing the pellets could be prove deadly the helpful for the pupper so they decided to leave them. She had to take antibiotics and her wounds have to be cleaned regularly.

The odds were stacked against injured puppy. The vets said she only had 25 percent chance of survival. But Andari did not give up on her, seeing how much she loves life!

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