Jealous Dog Is Green With Envy When Dad Pets Another Dog

This jealous dog wants to hog all of dad’s love. Every time dad gives the other dog some lovin’, she would place her paws on his hand and rake his hand towards her.

So dad is laying on the couch with his two huge dog. One his left side is a Titan, a Siberian Husky, and on his right is Holly, a Husky/Shepherd mix who also happens to be the jealous dog.

Dad doesn’t want to engage in favoritism so he pets Holly first, and then switch his attention to Titan. However, whenever he pets Titan, Holly get jealous and demands his hand back.

Is it okay to have a jealous dog? A little bit of jealousy is okay but if you notice your dog getting snappy, overly protective, and giving other dogs a hard time, you seriously need to lay some rules.

Turn to the next page to see Holly the jealous dog demand all of dad’s love. She can get away with it because she’s cute.

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