K9 Witness Statement Goes Viral And Has The Internet Laughing


West Midlands Police Station can’t help but poke fun at the situation and posted a photo of the statement on their wall. Because why not?

If you are going to ask a dog for an official statement, there’s no way it won’t be funny. They brought this hilarity upon themselves.

“CPS demanded a statement from ‘PC Peach,’ who is actually PD Peach. They were told several times Peach was actually a police dog but insisted on a written statement so the case handler sent them this.”

CPS got a little butt hurt over the situation and didn’t appreciate the misunderstanding going public as a joke.

“PC Mark Tissington, of West Midlands Police, who is believed to have shared the original picture of the witness form, has referred himself to the internal discipline unit although sources suggested it was unlikely to be reprimanded,’’ the Telegraph furthers.

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