Thief Returns Mama Dog And Litter After Nationwide Social Media Appeal

Dora and her pups were thoroughly shared that if the thief tried to sell Dora or any of her pups, he’s basically incriminating himself. The returned the pups because everyone knew the pups.

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A third party became the bridge between the thief and Vaughan, who facilitated the return of the pups.

Vaughan tried to offer him money but he refused. He was just happy to reunite the farmer with his precious cuties.

litter-1 litter-2

“Someone has done me a massive favour and he wouldn’t take any money from me for them.

“The dogs are fine, they don’t look any worse for what has happened. They have been fed and they are fine.

“I cannot believe I have got them back, it just goes to show you cannot beat the Great British Public.

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Vaughan fought with all he’s got to get his pups back, and now they’re back in his loving arms.

Source: ITV News

Images via ITV News

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