Make Your Old Dog Toys Like New Again With These Simple Tricks!


Here you’ll find some great ideas to keep some money in your pocket while keeping your dog entertained and not chewing on your shoes!


5.) Distance makes the heart grow fonder! Hide your dog’s favorite toy from time to time so it’s not just laying around becoming old news. Or maybe only let them have it during special times; like in the evenings or alternating days.

4.) Keep it interesting! If your dog only has one good toy to play with they’ll probably get pretty bored after a while. Keep a couple of toys in your home and rotate them throughout the week or month.

3.) Get excited too! Play WITH your dog when the toy is out. This will make them associate the toy with bonding with you!

2.) Tickle their senses! Your dog has a very sensitive nose. If the toy is old, chances are, it stinks. Try and buy machine wash toys so you can throw them in the wash every now and again. If that doesn’t work – try rubbing the toy around in your yard to pick up some interesting scents.

1.) Get creative! Use old clothes or things around the house to spice the old toy up a bit! Maybe tie ripped pieces of an old shirt to the toy. For smaller dogs, an empty upside down cottage cheese container provides constant entertainment if you hide a treat under it!

These tips can help instantly transform your old toy into the greatest thing that happened to your dog today!

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