Man Threatened To Drown Newborn Pit Bull Puppies. HORRIBLE.

A man threatens to drown his dog’s newborn puppies if no one steps up to rescue them. After a harrowing call, 9 puppies have been rescued from the clutches of death. Dr. Deborah Wilson of the Circle L. Ranch Animal Rescue And Sanctuary, is the sort of woman that deserves a medal.

She quickly flew into action after an email informed her that some knave was about to drown his nine Pit bull pups unless someone came to claim them. What a cruel fate to subject innocent animals to.

With the help of another organization, the good doctor, managed to rescue the nine pooches. Four went to the rescue org, while the remaining five went back to the Circle L. Ranch with Deborah.

Deborah brought the runts to a mother dog who had just given birth to a couple of puppies of her own. She hoped, that the dog’s maternal instinct would allow her to feed and nurse the five abandoned pit bull runts.

Go to the next page to see if Dr. Deborah’s strategy works as good as she hopes. You’ll be surprised just how animals can be to other animals.

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    • Charlene,
      Someone once told me that there are lots and lots of people in this world, and some of them are human beings. It never ceases to amaze me how much sorrow, pain, suffering and horror can be inflicted upon the defenseless and the voiceless. Thank goodness these pups were saved, and lets hope that Karma takes care of the perp